Retro Character Music Options

You know what i love? Old KI Music.

Here’s my suggestion:
Having an option in the Stage Selection Screen to put Retro Themes.

Just change the music like you would normaly do but add Retro and Classic Themes for character who were in previous KIs. Exemple: Classic Jago Theme, Retro Jago Theme, Jago Theme.

Classic would be KI and Retro would be KIG. What do you think about that?


Sounds cool. If the Dojo can have music that constantly plays in the back without it being warped by the match very much at all, I don’t see the problem of implementing the old songs into the main game. Also, It’s a Jungle with Maya’s stage would be the greatest thing.

I love this idea! Only thing they have to do is make it so it matches the fight for example, you hear the whole theme beginning to end until a character’s health gets to the danger zone then the theme changes to the danger zone portion of it and continues into the ending of the theme.

Basically this:



Fight Over

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I can’t imagine them never having discussed this at their meetings

Then again it’s seemingly difficult to do a lot of things requested since 2013

Classic KI music and ki2 stages would be the obvious decision

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