Response to IG question on ultimates

Quote: “We only chose characters that we thought had potential for cool and creative ultimates”

Paraphrase: Then management said: “Your giving Fulgore an Ultimate!”, and were like: “I dunno, bigger devastation beam?”.


"will y’all bring back orchid’s titty ultimate? "


Uhh no.

and yet we have T.J.?


Yeah, I have a lot of questions about that ultimate. I don’t even feel like getting into it.
At least the walking away part looks cool.

TJ has one I don’t know why if anything that should have been saberwulf he has always been a fan favorite and its awesome riptor is getting one but kilgore really IG really?

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Was quoting a question from the World Cup Q&A

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Ok… I highly doubt that ultimate will be brought back

I’m glad Kilgore is getting an Ultimate because the salt is hilarious.


I’m reserving my feelings on that until I see it. Kilgore HAS to have something creative for his ultimate. I care more for the quality of the ultimates over who has them.

“KI IS DEAD!!1! Cuz devs dun care about us or tha game! I’m going to SF cuz the devs actually care nd characters are butter!!1.”

Yup. That is actually a thing here.


They said that they wouldn’t so it’s a no go there

I figured as much

I too care less about who gets Ultimates rather than how good the Ultimates are, so I’m fine with whoever they give Ultimates to. Also, unless the Ultimates look absolutely horrendous I’ll just shrug off however the Ultimates turn out too. This is why I’m perfectly fine with TJ’s Ultimate, it just is what it is, TJ punches the opponent a few times, hits them with the big haymaker, and walks away like a badass as they fall to the ground. I don’t think it’s the best one so far either, but I kinda like that it’s simplistic, it’s functional, and, again, it is what it is.

It’s not that I’m optimistic either, rather I’m just very apathetic and just choose to maybe express my displeasure here on the forums, shrug it off, and move on. I also know that the devs shouldn’t have to cater to the whims of the fans and just do whatever the fans want. Ultimates are already free thanks to Ken Lobb, but why should the devs have to make Ultimates for whoever the fans want?

We’re a very small minority of KI players that get an unprecedented level of communication with the devs of a fighting game because we have the forums, that’s all we are. The devs have no obligation to cater to our whims because maybe a dozen people here say stuff like, “How dare they not make an Ultimate for a legacy character like Sabrewulf! How dare they choose to give a remix character like Kilgore an Ultimate over character ‘x’!” I just think it’s ridiculous that people think they get to be armchair devs without knowing how being a dev for KI works.


Dude, there was so much cringe in that moment- Just… Ick. :confounded:




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Nice paraphrase job, but no. Not even.


I dunno. I though and wondered if the guy had been talking to LCD right before going up to the mic.

The cosplay effort though was epic.

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HYPER DEVASTATION BEAM: The new official name for Fulgore’s Ultimate :wink: :sunglasses: