Respect Taunt Thread V4

Im bringing this back because KI is at a very crucial part of it’s life, and this request has been asked for now more than EVER.

There has been a few happenings recently that has revealed that everyone sort of sees taunting and T-bagging differently. In a recent S3 gameplay stream, we saw taunts and T-bags used in a friendly way, and this has been used as evidence that it is NOT as disrespectful as most people think.
All of those guys were in the same room, and they were friends.
Where a “respect taunt” really becomes useful is in ONLINE play.

In online play, communication is difficult. Almost non-existent for fight-stick users.

In online play, there are only 2 methods of in-game communication:
-Do nothing
-Taunt and T-Bag
"doing nothing" is obviously “Neutral”,
But Taunting ad T-Bagging is a HUGE grey area that can be used to communicate “friendliness”, “neutrality”, or “Disrespect”. There is no way to tell what that player is trying to express. If we had a “respect taunt”, that would divide the “friendliness” in to its own category where the friendliness could be APPRECIATED instead of ignored or misunderstood.

We all know that you are NOT supposed to let T-bagging get to you, but what about “friendliness”? Wouldn’t we WANT friendliness to get to us? It eases tension and allows a clearer head for learning mistakes when you KNOW that you are fighting someone friendly.

I had an incident with UL SaltGod where i wanted to let him know that i recognized him, BUT i had no way to! I thought: “maybe if i T-bag just a few times before the game starts, he will know that it means RESPECT instead of DISRESPECT.” I was wrong! He tried very hard and made my life sad for both games :cry: .

Please, lets discuss why or why NOT to have a respect taunt.
(Please give reasons, not just “it isn’t necessary”)


I was really surprised to find out that Guilty Gear Xrd has this feature. It’s not a make or break feature but I would still really love to see this in the game.

Considering they want more and more people to play the game, its a feature to be included. It would improve the player base as a whole as is evident by Rash’s taunt, you know everyone’s gonna do that and everyone is gonna enjoy that.
Fluttershy made the point I was thinking when hearing them talk about teabagging. If you’re in the same room with friends, intentions aren’t mixed up. Online, if you can show someone respect, they might pick it up and start doing it too.

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Isnt rash’s taunt the most disrespectful one?

More ontopic, no i dont want them to spend time and money to do respect taunts.

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Time and money? It is like a 2 and a half second animation, and 1 extra sound clip.

And the outcome would be better for the “community” aspect of the in-game interactions in almost every way. How would it be a bad idea?

A 2 second animation is probably still hours of work. Multiply it for every character and its days. Im not saying its a bad idea but its useless to me.

Have you really not ever wanted to show respect in a match? Would it not be cool to see two professional players start a tournament match by bowing to each other?

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No. I send ggs after a game when i had a good fight and to be honest with you i prefer it and its more personal when i get a message saying ggs insted of a respect taunt.


Most of the time out animations are well suited to be the respect taunts. SO most of the animation work is already done.

Not everybody wants to lose badly it seems.

Its the most fun. And that’s kinda subjective. I think Jago’s or Fulgore’s count as the most disrespectful.

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Jago’s “Time Out Wining Pose” is somehow a Respect Taunt, right?

At this stage I’m afraid to ask for anything since with every great idea they get or the community gives, IG end up tweaking something else that doesn’t need tweaking and just ruins other things. (Purple Shadow moves) I’m scared that if they throw in Respect Taunts, we have to pay up with IG removing something else or making something else ugly.

But would you want them to spend time and money to make dance taunts for the entire roster? Break dancing Jago? Thriller Dance Sabre Wulf? Fulgore doing the Robot? Orchid doing the Carlton?

I would pay for DLC to see one of the characters do a dance.

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So can we confirm respect taunts might be a thing, or that IG knows that we want them?

Kilgore’s taunt is clearly a salute, which seems similar to what people are asking for. Unless you consider a salute bad for some reason lol

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