Respect Taunt Thread V3

This request will never go away, KI devs. It will stay until we get them in the game. Just keepin it alive.


I like Orchids time out pose as another taunt

We could select it before the fight like street fighter

As a quick search shows this to be the only “Respect Taunt(s)” thread, I most certainly would like an option to choose from a Taunt or Respect animation for my Taunt Button.

It’d be even better if I could assign Respect like Taunt and any other input. Currently the only “respect” I sense is that of the Ultra Ender.

If you respect your opponent, you finish them as quickly into an Ultra as possible. If you want to rub it in your opponent’s face, you rack up the combo hits!
It works to a degree but not equally for all.

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there should be 2 and non selectable. The one we have now and press the same button and up for the second or something like that as an input

Essentially, a lot of the community wants a second animation bound to the taunt button, but one that allows us to say GG WP without having to send a message or something. I’ll have the original thread from the old forums posted in the op asap


I do remember it from then, well the version from the OG-official forum :slight_smile:
Didn’t know if it was updated or if this was the new forum update.

Bring on the RESPECT!

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Personally, there’s nothing wrong with using Taunts in the game - the people who Tbag or endlessly taunt are the ones clearly being disrespectful. I taunt in two particular situations: When I take a lifebar, and if my opponent is deciding to play runaway full screen, particularly if I have the life lead and I want them to come to me. Each time I do so, I taunt a single time only.

For example, I main Thunder - I don’t particularly see how banging his weapons together could come off as DISrespectful, even if it isn’t specifically saying “I think you are a lovely person and I would love to have you over for brunch.”

Thunder is a brunch type of guy in the first place :wink:
He’s always happy to feed your belly before feeding the axes!
He’s almost Canadian to thank you for the battle afterwards.

Correction: It’s all about RESPECK

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I don’t understand this new thing with Canadians being perceived as endless thankers, I’m from Canada and believe me we have our share of disrespectful a-holes who don’t know manners. Americans have a very strange image of us. BTW those people who pronounce ABOUT - ABOOT are very few and can be pinned in a section of the country, it is like me saying all American’s are rude and say AIN’T

… New thing? You MUST watch Canadian Bacon and Going the Distance.

Do not worry, I’m both Canadian and old enough to know both perception and reality. Why do you think I want a Respect pose :stuck_out_tongue: ?

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So cool to see my little idea from the old KI Twitch Streams still in peoples minds. I tweeted Adam and Rich about this soon after proposing the idea and had a positive response.

I’m pretty sure the team have other priorities, but I think it’d be a nice to show some respect, especially for new players who find fighting games hard enough to get into as it is… and being tea bagged is pretty of putting.

There has been a few discussions about this in forums in the past…plus this tweet from Adam a few weeks after this was initially discussed:

They should work like Guilty Gear, pressing taunt and forward gives you a respect taunt.

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Heyyy I gotta pull my copy out

no offence, but it seems like people rather teabag than salute… This would only work for a lobby.

Putting my name on this list.

It’s a fighting game yes, but I don’t like being mean when someone is already probably salty about losing.

Like Friendships in MK.

I just wanna hug people!

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Continuing the discussion from Taunting & Tea-bagging:


Exactly, everyone would just salute then teaBAG, then salute L mao

maya would most likley say you are worthy prey xD

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I don’t want a respect taunt. Well I do but I would much rather have a way to say GG quickly. Respect taunt could work but a rating system to rate your opponent would be nice. It isn’t saved but you can see how your opponent thinks of you.