(resolved) My account/Xbox has been reset to factory default, everything is gone, please help

So I renewed Xbox live gold again yesterday and when I woke up today I found that not only was my account completely reset (all achievements/friends list/Xbox live gold GONE) but that all of my save data for all of my games as well as DLC have also disappeared. I have no earthly Idea what to do. I know this isn’t really the place to be asking for it, but I could really use some help here.

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Sign out of Xbox Live and Sign back in…

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No good, everything is still gone. And I can’t call tech support for like another hour

I don’t know if @developers can help me in this department, but at this point I will try most anything.

I’d recommend deleting your local profile and then signing back in, it sounds to me like the local profile on your system got corrupted and you may need to download the cloud version.

Not in any way an official answer, of course, but something to try.


Just tried it, everything is still gone.

Sadly I don’t really have another idea. I’d recommend checking the Xbox Support forums first, then contacting support directly

If it helps to know this, When I turned on my Xbox it acted like it was the first time I had every turned it on. All games are still present on the box but all save data, friends list, achievments, even gamerpic have been reset.

Thank you for your help anyways.

No problem. I’ve never heard of that specific issue before, but similar issues (including one I ran into myself) simply needed a redownload of the profile.

Good luck getting that corrected!

Crap, I really hope you manage to get that sorted soon. :confused:

Issue has now been resolved, all good.

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I’m curious, mind sharing what the solution was? It sounds like a weird issue.

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I was just being a big dummy and using the wrong e-mail address for my account, so there wast much of an issue. However, there was the problem of all the account on my physical Xbox One being removed. He said many other people had had the problem today. The tech support guy (Mario was their name) was very nice about it. So all in all, no issue other than the box forgetting my sign in (they said they don’t know why this happened).

Also, closing the thread would be appreciated.

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