Resolution problems

I am experiencing problems with the Steam version of KI. Every time I load the game, the resolution is set to 640x480 and I am unable to change it.

I must set the game to windowed mode, exit the game, then restart in order to get the option to change my resolution to 2560x1440. Every single time. As soon as I complete a game session at 1440, I will have to complete the above process every time I restart the game.

This is something that will certainly turn me off to the Steam version. I do not experience this problem with the Win10 version.

Intel i7-7700 cpu
GTX 1080 video

I also have resolution Problems. I have a 21:9 Monitor (3840 x 1600) And I want to play the game in 16:9 with black bars on the side. But when I select any 16:9 resolution, the game only displays on something like a square. When I start the game in full screen, many resolution options are missing.

I also own the windows store version and it works without problems.

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Open this file in notepad after setting the resolution in the game
default_pc.cfg (located in the steam games Killer Instinct folder)

there maybe a setting you can change to have a preferred resolution, at the moment i am still downloading the game so i cant help further but there also might be some KI game folder in the documents folder

I already searched the config files. But can’t find any resolution data.

I will try to find a setting once the game has finished installing. Check your Documents\My Games folder. usually setting files are inside those folders or maybe in some folder in the %appdata% Local or roaming folder

We are trying to chase this down. At least to see what it is.

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One more thing - could I please ask what your resolution is set at on your desktop? As well as the native resolution on your monitor.


Desktop is 2560x1440 which is also my monitor resolution.

Having the exact same trouble on my PG278QR. 2560x1440.

It worked fine the first time I loaded the game, but subsequent loads have locked me at 640x3something.

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This seems relevant. I am also using PG278QR display.

Edit - ASUS ROG 1440p G-SYNC monitor

Yep. Same monitor.

Interesting stuff. While I will be the one responding, know this thread is being watched. Don’t know of the status yet, but I know folks are on it.

I have found a temporary solution for the resolution not being saved.

Make sure to set the Fullscreen mode to Borderless

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Ok thanks, I got it working:

-The game startet in Fullscreen, max. selectable resolution was 1920 x 1080
-switched to windowed, restarted the game.
-my desired resolution (2844 x 1600) was selectable…
-switched to borderless
-game displays in correct aspect and resolution is stored

Glad I could help, hopefully this bug will be fixed soon

Ki laggin really bad i have to set my Res to 1280. Why can’t i play on 1920x1280

For the folks seeing issues with their resolution, there was a fix pushed out not too long ago. Please restart your game client and let me know if things are resolved.


Resolution is no longer resetting

Confirmed I am no longer experiencing these resolution problems.

yeah, that fixed it. another thing, could you guys look into adding support for DSR (Dynamic Super Resolution)? I like to use it in some games to get better anti-aliasing but Killer Instinct only seems to acknowledge the native resolution and those below.

I have a BenQ XL2430, its native resolution is 1920x1080. DSR in the Nvidia driver settings enables resolutions like 2560x1440, 2880x1620 and 3840x2160. but 1080p is the max setting I can pick in the graphic settings of the game.

edit: well, was there a patch already? either way, it works now. can select 1440p and 2160p. I guess 1620p is not supported?