Replays saving inaccurate and often issues

So i went to check on my replays i saved today i had three matches against shadow lords gargos and noticed that many things in the replay did not even happen in the match, in fact the last replay i had i lost in the replay but won in the proper match.

I did see some things on forums but they were saying was lag issue…and shadow lords has no lag.

SL, despite being a single-player mode, is still an online mode, so yes, lag could still be a possibility.

No, the thing is replay’s trying to reproduce the SL matchups in vanilla KI; it doesn’t recognize the SL buffs like guardians and consumables. The results are wonky to say the least. I tried running replays on PC, and if I let them go all the way to the end of the match the game crashes.

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If that’s the case, then that is not good.