Replays go crazy at half speed

Hey. Haven’t posted in ages.

There’s a glitch that has been happening to me since like the middle of season 2. You view a replay, you set it at half speed, and then a completely different set of actions happen in the fight, than what actually transpired. If you view it at normal speed, actions are correct.

Has this been reported? Sorry, atm I can’t read thousands of replies in the bug thread. Is this normal for everybody? Like I said, this has been happening since a looooooooooong time ago. I really wouldn’t be able to believe that this massive glitch has existed for months and months and months, during season 2, all of season 3 and still at post season 3 and no one has cared to fix it, or that I haven’t seen an uproar about this. I am seriously starting to believe then, that this is only happening to me.

Is it?