Replay glitch found

I’ve finished Shadow Lords and beat Gargos on all three levels. When watching the fight replay of the
boss fight, it turns out different and ends with Gargos walking on air and crashing to the dashboard.
Anyone else experience this???


It happened to me as well, I wanted to recover my fight when I used Jago as my 2nd character to upload my full fight on YouTube but the replay got messed up and that happened. I already reported on the season 3 bug report section. We should record the glitch to catch other players (and KI staff) attention.

Hey guys, just wanted to drop in and mention that I believe I know why this glitch is occurring for you. It happened to me as well when I tried to watch SL replays without having played Shadow Lords during that session. That is to say, if I fire up KI and go straight to replays this glitch occurs, but as long as I go into SL, play a quick match, then exit, then watch the replay, it functions normally. I believe that some features of Shadow Lords mode must remain dormant, even in replays, until the mode itself has been ‘activated’ so to speak. I hope this helps, sorry if I’m not being very articulate, it’s kindov a difficult workaround to describe in writing, haha