Removal of Wallsplat from StHK as a Manual is a buff

I’m going to assume this was totally unintended, but now that Aganos doesn’t have wallsplat off of his St. HK manual he still receives the massive frame advantage (+38!) from it as if it was still a wallsplat. He can manual another normal off of his manual St. HK if the opponent has their back against the wall. Sorry I don’t have a vid, but I wanted to let you guys know!


Well technically this was always possible, but your KV meter doesn’t go through the roof if you do this so you can extend your combo pretty chunkily.


Nice find. I was curious about this.

He can link a St. LP off of it midscreen so now he can use it like a Heavy AD > Light Manual. The only normal that doesn’t seem to manual off of the St. HK is another St. HK. Unless my execution is turrible, it can manual into everyone of his other normals in the corner, including Cl. HP.