Remapping PC Enter and Escape Buttons

Hi all,

I’m building an arcade cab, and have the joystick and buttons mapped to various keyboard buttons. Sadly, I can’t seem to find a way to remap PC KI to use any of these buttons to navigate around the UI. I.E, it forces me to use Return and Excape. I tried using AutoHotKey to remap the keys, but it doesn’t seem to work…I assume as it’s a locked down Windows Store game.

Has anyone got any advice? Remapping my control panel buttons is not an option as the allocated keys are set up for lots of other games, and I’m not going to have a keyboard attached to the cab just for getting into and out of games.

What sort of joystick are you using? I have used a Madcatz TE 360 stick and it works fine to navigate the UI. Are you using a MAME controller?

Using an i-pac 2 keyboard encoder to map the buttons to various keys.

If there’s no way to change KI’s UI buttons then I’ll have to hack it so need to use a combination of buttons to input a return or escape key press. Really frustrating though!

I’ve got the same issue myself. What’s even worse is when you switch to 2-player, all the menu access buttons shift around so it can put all of player 1’s commands on the left side of the keyboard and player 2’s commands of the right side.
So if if you want to do 2 player, you’ll need to be able to switch between 2 different keyboard setups.

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…ffs. It’s a KI themed cab too, which I can’t play KI on.