"Reliably" breaking combo,s against Challenging AI

Just a quick question, Other than using the RAM guardian (Which for me is a godsend because breaking combo,s seems to be super hard to do (Bordering on the impossible) as I find that once combo has started (Especially on characters like Omen or Gargos) that without the Ram Guardian i,m finding that I nearly always ended up with Lockout which I assume is g uessing the breaker wrong (Which i tend to get 90% of the time) I do have some other guardians such as Epic Snake and Killer Exemplar but I still go back to using a Green Ram guardian lol

Any advice would be appreciated as I would like to use other guardians but seeing 40% of your HP disappear in 1 AI Combo is a tad frustrating.


I recommend only breaking things that are very reactable, i.e. heavy AD’s or linkers. If you can see and recognize medium AD’s and linkers, feel free to break those as well. Basic idea is to just never guess - that way lies much pain.

For what it’s worth, I’m actually pretty bad at breaking the computer as well. No patterns to prefict or read, and they’re usually switching up randomly between doubles and manuals. It just really throws me sometimes if I’m not super familiar with the character’s animations.


Thanks for the reply, I,m glad its not just me who is pretty bad at breaking the computer,s combo.s, Dont even get me started on Gargos… He seems pretty impossible on Normal with 0 items/guardians. (Ifigured to try farm some Gems on Normal for a while) even with the so called “cheese” methods ie… Spamming light punch with Rash or HP with Riptor.

At the moment these are the only 2 characters i can actually farm Omen,s with as anytime you try combo them they almost instantly break them.

Is there is any other cheese methods or characters that i can use to farm as I usually play Jago but Omen /Gargos always break any type of combo i try to perform with him. :frowning:

Someone did mention Fulgore spamming HP and Forward with Snake guardian but this only seems to work on Normal Mode/ and only Medium and Below opponents. (Second you face Omen or Very Hard/Impossible opponents t hey just steamroll you)

The computer used to never jump meaty command grab from Hisako. Dunno if that ever got patched out.

The AI in this game used to be pretty fun to play against. Now it either stands there doing nothing or else destroys you. I don’t enjoy playing against it at all.

As far as getting better at breaking this is a real challenge now that the roster is so big. It’s very difficult to learn every characters AD animations and some of the season 3 characters especially are very tough to read. The S1 characters are by far the easiest for me and I don’t know if this is just because of the 500 hours I spent playing the game in S1 or if the animations are easier to distinguish (or both). I have had some success with characters I have trouble with if I play them 20 times in a row just focusing on breaking. But that knowledge seems to evaporate quickly for most of them (I’m looking at you Hisako…)

What @STORM179 said is probably the best advice. Wait for heavies that you are certain about otherwise don’t break. Even against the computer people are always too impatient and fail to realize how much free damage they are giving their opponent by locking out especially early in a combo.

Many thanks for the replies, I will continue to use Rash and Riptor as “farm” characters for the time being and try to put Hisako as well this should give me a “farm” team to grind gems for the characetrs im more interested in playing with.

The meaty grab command with Hisako is that the one where she disappears grabs her opponent and pushes them onto her spear?

Yeah, that’s the one you want. Computer tends to jump out of the vacuum grab.

I am soo sooo bad at guessing! Its my worst habit of the game and I know it and I try so hard to stop it and I always fall right back to that muscle memory of 1st frame guessing.

In my case I never guess, even I tried to avoid a throw reset or my sanwa buttons got sensitive :joy:

But for real, my hand is small, when I have to reach for the buttons I may touch something and fail. It’s also fun because I also say from time to time “I was expecting the opponent to do heavies” when I base my breaks on reads and not reactions (for instance when they get a little flowchart with the light linkers).
I still don’t get how some players are so good at guessbreaking…Using linkers after openers is something Storm suggested me and now I suggest everybody else too XD

About the AI, it’s good to learn when to punish. Playing safe and a little turtle is not a bad idea. It’s been a while I haven’t playe against it, but when it uses all manuals I’ll wait for the slowest move to break. The AI is no joke and it can do whatever it wants about the combo system.
If you played KI in 1994, you would have experienced weird stuff, like the day I stunned Spinal in the “dead animation” but he was far to reach, he revived and killed me after my opener using a combo breaker that drained my whole life! I just laugh after that, I definitely saw everything.

Sometimes, I try to an entire play session without breaking once. A lot of times, I actually win by the opponent trying to counter break. If you do this, you can be more aware of when to break or not break and see what you can react to instead of guessing. I usually avoid breaking the first match to analyze the opponent’s patterns and they can’t analyze by breaking patterns.

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I ran a long set against @Draigh a very long time ago that finally got me out of always having to break. He played Mira, so every time I guessed wrong or he counter broke me I at like 75% damage. Playing against that for about 30 games finally drilled it into me that yes, sometimes it’s ok to wait when you’re getting hit. :-p

I actually recommend fighting Mira to train oneself away from instant breaks. There’s something visceral about losing that much life to a single mistake.


Whats crazy is when I focus on waiting and reacting… it works! I do so much better and it makes my overall game plan more patient and dominant…but for some reason I keep falling back to the habit of going through the motions.
I really need to just work on it like I do when I practice guitar or drums…just drill on it every day non stop for 2 months.
Ill try the Mira plan, thanks

Meh, no one likes getting hit and because KI enables you to break out of nearly every scenario where you get hit, i think it’s natural to want to get back to neutral as fast as possible. Patience is the best advice i can offer in getting better at breaking outside of using the Guardians.

I personally kinda gave up on fighting the KI AI. Kyle is a lying, cheating, deceitful s.o.b. and i’m almost certain he’s the closest thing i’ve ‘met’ to Skynet.

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