Reliable way to combo break in KI Classic?

I’m all ears post away.

Each character has a different combo-break motion. For example, Orchid’s is a charge motion with any kick, and if you get the strength the opponent’s using (heavy kick while they’re doing a heavy move on you) the combo is broken.

If you mean how to determine the strengths? Got me there. Just try and remember animation patterns, I guess.

Here you go my friend, straight from the time machine aka Game Faqs, hot off the presses of the 90s:

"Below is a chart on what buttons to try and use.
Opponent Used: You Use
1: 3 or 6
2 : 1 or 4
3 : 2 or 5
4 :` 3 or 6
5 : 1 or 4
6 : 2 or 5
In short this is what the chart tells you; If you are being comboed by any
quick attack, break it with fierce. If you are being comboed with any medium
then break it with quick, and if your being comboed with any fierce, then
break it with medium. With this method (and some good luck) you can break
combos on the first hit!

Also, if they do a linker special move, you can break it with any button. The guy I quoted might not have known that when he wrote it.


TY :smile: This should make it a lot easier.

The problem is, how many frames are Classic KI’s autodoubles? It feels like you are always breaking lights. I can’t break on reaction in Classic KI.

I played last night and i broke 2 combos out of 100 lol

damn Eyedol is no joke… couldn’t beat him with Riptor…had to gvie up. I can get him with TJ and Fulgore…but the others are hard to use against him

Yeah you have to brute force memorize what moves look like light, medium, fierce. In years of playing I never broke anything reliably, too tedious to do all that memorization unless you spar with a buddy with a main.

I think everyone gave up on eyedol. You gotta find a cheap tactic to use, maybe try to find some old yt videos. It’s not about what you do, it’s about what you don’t do. I have no idea what tactics I used to beat him…probably involved putting it on very easy, lol.

Man I hope they re-release eyedol, such a badass

With TJ I just constantly barrage him with Flying Knee and chip damage him. if i open him up I do a short combo so he cant break it. maybe throw in a Master combo if I have a big enough ife lead. other than that , i just keep repeated that method…if he jumps , Knee KO, but hats only if i feel lucky.

anyone else i dont really have a tactic that works…With Fulgore , upper cuts, teleport upper cut, fireballs, plasma blade like TJ, but its much more difficult.

“Brute Force”…lol…nice description :smile:

Back in the day me and my friends had a joke concerning Eyedol:

“You won when Eyedol said you won.” :laughing:

Except when on the stick its not funny :worried:

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I have literally never intentionally combo broken in classic KI lmao and I’ve been playing that since it came out on the SNES (Though I was like 1 when that happened…)

EDIT: apparently L M A O is censored

It’s pretty random. I play my brother a lot and he uses the same characters so I have kind of learned his patterns and can break them. But one good thing to do is go through the charts of each characters combo tools. For longer combos most characters only have one or two linkers that they can do as about the 3rd move so there are sort of “choke points” in the combo that you can try to learn and break.

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This is just all wrong all together.

You go one strength before the strength you’re tryimg to break along with each character"s specific input.

Use lights to break mediums, med to break heavies and heavies to break lights.

Also for autos lights hit 3 times, mediums hit 2 times and heavies hit once. It’s really not that hard to combo break in KI if you know your strengths animations and have good inputs.

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Personally I think breaking in KI classic isn’t really that reliable in alot of cases. Though if ya ask me it’s still an option and not quite a game where you have to sit there and accept death. But…depending on who you are using you can easily get away with quick short combos so that your opponent can’t break you.


Hold down plus start on the vs screen =P
Well, it worked at the arcades using both sticks XD…And also worked on the SNES with one joystick. Still have to figure it out in this classic version.

But playing without tricks, it was: lights break mediums, mediums break heavies, heavies break lights.
I din’t really know how I do it, but I used to break pretty well. I think I knew the animations. And I was pretty much breaking ad, apart from Thunder, who was really easy to break because of his opener considered a linker.

it does not work on Classic and was confirmed by Code Mystics in the KI classic thread

One thing I’ve noticed about Eyedol lately is most his moves are very fast on startup, but have lousy recovery on block, especially his shoulder charge…so if you block it & then counter with a quick opener you can start a combo pretty much every time he rushes you. After I figured that out…well he’s still not a pushover but I was more consistently draining his health.

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I played Classic Saturday night and man do I suck at it now. I used to be soooo good at that game! Im trying to combo break light , med , and hvy lol… shadow linkers and any random AD.

Too bad the classic are so complex

In some ways Classic KI is a different creature from KI2013. Not that’s a bad thing - far from it! It’s just one game is intent on teaching people how to play and is beginner-friendly while the original game was more about precision and execution, much stricter in comparison. I do like the Counter Breakers in this new game, though - that is a feature I like enormously and an ingenious, if not logical extension to the Combo Breaker system.