Release the soundtrack cd (and other stuff) from the definitive edition separately

I’m sure that everyone here agrees that the soundtrack from the game is spectacular. If the current plan is for the soundtrack cd to be a definitive edition exclusive, that is a huge mistake. Think about it. Yes, it’s a great deal for those who don’t own the game yet but what about those who have bought all of the seasons at launch? If you plan to get the cd, then you have to buy the whole game again just to get the stuff from the definitive edition. I’m sure a lot of people are not okay with that idea. Release it separately and I’m sure you get more money thrown at you from KI fans (especially from those that already have all 3 seasons). I know people who don’t own the game (and don’t plan to) but they think that the music is awesome and those people too can enjoy the soundtrack that way.
The gold Gargos skin too would be nice to have without having to buy the whole game again. Even if you have to buy it separately. I don’t care. Just make it available to everyone.

Yes. It is awesome that you release the whole package and it will definitely make a lot of people happy but don’t forget those people that have thrown money at you since day 1. I am not requesting that we should get all of the stuff for free, just don’t make us buy stuff again that we own already. We want the stuff from the definitive edition but I don’t think we should pay full price just to get the extra stuff.

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I think a mini-update that S1/2/3 owners could buy to add all the new extra goodies to their game is fair. I would liken to how SS4AE owners could pay a small price to upgrade their version of the game to Ultra without having to buy the full Ultra game itself. Or kind of how with MKX you had the standard version, MKXL which was everything , but people who already owned MKX and KP1 could buy KP2 which essentially updated their game to MKXL without paying the full price.

I have to get the disc version though. I am a sucker for physical copies of games, movies, albums etc. lol

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They will likely release a S3 soundtrack in digital form and charge it similarly to previous editions. A physical CD is a good idea, but I don’t see how they can package it without being included with the game itself. More likely than not we’ll get a “complete” soundtrack in digital form, with music from all seasons, for a discount price.

Gold skin Gargos, yes, I’m seeing them release it separately at a later date, and via giveaway contests before making it permanently available for purchase (like they did with Shadow Jago), along with the other colours that are exclusive to the action figures. I see these colours as time exclusives.

As for the rest (behind-the-scenes footage, concept artwork, interactive universe map) I sincerely hope they make it available for everyone via a FREE update. Charging extra for this kind of content would be extremely greedy.

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