Release Shadow Jago 100%

Please IG, S-Jago is finished, you don’t have to make him “Exclusive” anymore. Why can we only buy him for 1 month? So if I got into KI late 2016 and got Seasons 1-3 I wouldn’t get S-Jago? And only 1000 figures will be made for the “Exclusive” 10th color, so only 1000 on earth get the code. This is VERY anti casual consumer IG… WTF?

Please IG, Release Shadow Jago fully, always available and have another option to get the 10th color.

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He’s been sold two, about to be three times. Odds are he’ll be sold again at some point.

Also, there are 5,000 figures. Still not many though.

Okay, 5000. I’m just upset that this game has become anti-casual.

I just recently got to Shadow Jago in S1 arcade after trying to get to him for over a year, and I rage quitted after loosing 50 times, he’s TOO F**KING HARD. I absolutly HATE Ultimate/Kyle difficulty, a learning AI sounds cool, but when your not a pro (like me), you get your @$$ handed to you.

The game is anti-casual player because of it’s AI difficulty and it’s hard-to-learn gameplay system. AND anti-consumer, with it’s Limited-Time DLC.

I also am having trouble with the devs. Iron Galaxy NEVER answers my question on Twitter, Facebook, email or this website. I know they are busy, but I wish they had the time to answer.

I HOPE that when the game is done we get a ‘Ultimate Physical Edition’ with ALL content, including characters, skins, costumes, modes and both KI Arcade 1&2.

theres always ebay. That’s how i got him.

I dont know how else to say this, but no Sh** Kyle difficulty is hard.


If you arent willing to have fun learning to get better at KI, then stay at lower difficulties.

In EVERY game you come across, there will always be people who are more competitive and more skilled than others. And game developers make content specifically for them. But if you dont want to be one of those people, thats OK. Because the developers have also made content that is for casual players. If you want to be casual, be casual, but dont complain because you cant beat non-casual content.


To be quite honest…this game is more casual friendly than MOST fighting games, it was because of the approach that this game took that enabled me to become more serious about it.

Dojo Mode is one of the best implementations of teaching a player basic to intermediate skills in a comprehensive manner, going through that, I was able to put names to a lot of the techniques I was using, and better understand a lot of why I win, why I lose, and why matches are close. Also, in S1, the frame data for all characters was available in practice mode, so instead of having someone sift through the data to get this stuff, it was all there for you.

So while it does cater to the hardcore crowd in that it puts most of the tools you need to analyze your own game at your fingertips, it absolutely caters to the casual person because it’s willing to help you evolve your game.

The hard to learn gameplay system…that’s subject to your own skill with fighting games…but this is one of the easier systems to learn in all honesty. Timing and spacing, while important, is not incredibly crucial as it is in other fighting games. And the netcode for this game makes it so that your online experience is nearly identical to playing local, so it’s not a crazy transition to make things work (yes, I’m looking at you MKX). While combo breakers and combo breakers CAN be difficult to grasp…Dojo Mode. I cannot praise it enough. I’ve been playing fighting games for quite some time, and I can honestly say I WISH I had this sorta mode when I first started learning, but now that I know what’s going on, I have a better appreciation for it.

As FlutterShy mentioned, in every game, there will be the casual crowd, and the hardcore crowd. Unfortunately, with Killer rank being insanely easy to get to (in contrast to S1, where if you got it, you were either a cherry picker or you just put in work), you’re never sure if you’re gonna play someone casual, or someone who can pull off double manuals in a combo, that’s just the nature of the game. I’ve been beaten by the casual dude who just knows when to do what and isn’t going over the top, and I’ve beaten players that have a deep knowledge of all of the mechanics, but didn’t know how to make it all flow together at the time.

Limited Time DLC…that’s a money maker and a marketing strategy. If things aren’t exclusive and anybody can get it, consumers will get lazy in their purchases, and possibly not get it at all, if they know it’ll always be there.

Limited Color 10 options? Limited time for a character that we all want that looks cool? Shut up and take my money! That’s just good marketing, and I can’t be mad at that.

Please don’t think that I’m trying to talk down to you though, I’m not. Shadow Jago is no joke, and this is a game that rewards those willing to put in the time.

But you can find casual folks (on the forums is a good place, and you’ll also find plenty of us non-casual folks that can help you level up), and for boss Shadow Jago? Use a marginally safe normal or special, DP afterward. He can’t resist pressing a button. With Jago, I can Double Roundhouse and DP him to death. Kappa.

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I admit the color 10 being locked behind a 40 dollar statue annoys me a bit. Especially considering they’re putting out figures for several characters, all of which are confirmed to have an unlockable. So basically it’s going to cost like 300 dollars in statues if you want to get all the colors… A bit rough.

If you want the color purchase it, I couldn’t care less about the color, I wanted the figurine and I got it, not that I have money in abundance, but I made the sacrifice, now is the game trash now because I don’t have all the accessories and colors? nope who cares, jago and now working on shadow jago are my mains, so that’s my interest, but im not going to go buying sadira color 10 or alternate costumes cause I don’t need it, its simple really, you have a month to come up with $10, you can buy the character even before you get the game lol so what’s the issue?

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