Release of directional input sometimes is not registered on my stick

Hi, I have artox and sometimes (rarely) KI dosn’t register the release of directional input.
For example, I input UP, release the joystick but the character continues to jump. So it looks like I’m holding UP but I’m not. When I press some button or input any direction the jumping stops.
Has anyone experienced this issue? Or maybe you have ideas what can go wrong with the stick.
I don’t play other fighting games so don’t know if the issue is specific to KI or not

I guess PCB could be the cause but I’m not sure

A new Pcb for the stick costs about $13 and is easy to replace. It’s probably worth a try.

I think it’s the actual joystick itself.

I have this exact problem with my Atrox. I was thinking about replacing my Joystick with a brand new one. My PCB in it is only like 5 months old at least, due to me replacing it as well.

Oh Yeah? Before replacing the whole $25 joystick you might want to lubricate it and make sure it’s not the $2 tension spring or $5 actuator that’s sticking.

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I’m new at modding. I wish there was more videos about the Atrox. Sometimes I have no idea what I’m doing… :frowning:

@TheNinjaOstrich, did you have the same problem with your old PCB? What’s your current PCB?
Although my stick is new (1 month) I’m going to replace the PCB to Brook’s universal fighting board anyway.
If it helps with this input issue then great, if not its ok - the issue happens very rarely so far.

I just found a replacement PCB that I needed, I don’t think it’s one like the Brook PCB. I think it might be my Joystick, because I recently added a two pound spring to it. So, I’ll check it soon and get back to you if I can.

Yeah, @ninjafrombox there’s a joystick PCB that just consists of the four directional microswitches linked together and soldered to a connector.

This is a cheap (but important) part. The control board you are thinking if is the “brain” of the stick and usually runs in the $60-$100 range. It also is something that I wouldn’t expect to break or fail very often. Most of the time it’s he mechanical parts that fail. Microswitches being the biggest culprit and since this is a “button sticking” issue it seems like the most likely thing. Microswitches are super cheap but unless you want to go to the trouble of matching the correct type of Switch and soldering it on and off to replace the defective one, buying the new joystick PCB is not prohibitively expensive and replaces all four microswitches.

There is a laser sensor joystick pcb I’ve always wanted to try but never gotten around to.

Andyway @TheNinjaOstrich for the most part “modding” a stick is just swapping in and out off the shelf parts. I am not mechanically inclined and it’s really no trouble at all. I used to solder new buttons in an old cheap PDP stick before the MadCatz days and that was a pain in the ■■■. Your Atrox should be easy to deal with.


BigBadAndy, thank you for a clarification - I didn’t know that this plate with microswitches is also called a pcb.
Anyway I going to replace the main pcb with UFB for compartibility with pc/ps4. And if I still have issues with inputs I’ll replace the joystick pcb. I guess you’re right and $13 isn’t so much too try.

I completly forgot about this topic. But here’s the ending.

Probably something was wrong with main pcb. After I replaced it with Brook’s universal fighting board the issue has gone. So I didn’t have to do anything with my joystick.

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