Regarding the Colors tied to Ultimate Source figures

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At the moment, there are many of us around who I am sure are starting to contemplate whether or not the next set of figures for the Ultimate Source line are still coming or if they have been cancelled, or at least indefinitely postponed. I for one have been waiting for the Cinder figure to drop for some time now, and to get my hands on his Color 10.

However, since the figure has already been shown to exist and has been awaited for almost two years, with no official word as to the launch date of these figures or any expectation of one, the color 10 option, the biggest reason for me to especially buy this figure, eludes me and I’m sure several others who would like to get their hands on this rare color.

I watch a lot of UA Bass’s youtube videos, and I can’t help but be jealous that he’s one of very few people who have and will get to use that color. If I acquired it, it would probably be my new go-to color, with second place being the blue color. Yet, it’s almost painful to have to watch and know that because I couldn’t afford to go to a tournament to get a download code for one in a public event, I may not ever get to try it. (Note: This is no reflection on Bass as a person or a player, I like watching his content, and respect him as what is my favorite Cinder player in the tournament scene, especially since he also branches out to multiple characters with a great deal of proficiency in each of them.)

Now I’m going to get to the main point of the argument. Simply put, can anyone officially confirm if these figures are still coming or not, and if not (or it can not be confirmed), can you at least make a public option of being able to buy the appropriate color 10s for the wave 2 characters? As it currently stands, Cinder’s color 10, and the others tied to those figures may never get released if the toy line has been cancelled, which is kinda horrible for anyone who couldn’t get them from the tournament giveaway. If there is no hope for the toy line, can you at least salvage the option of having these colors available as a dlc option? I would seriously pay the $5 or $10 just to have the Cinder color 10, I’M THAT DESPERATE AND SERIOUS.

Just a little confirmation or at the least, a chance to get to own these costumes, that’s all I’m asking. If the figures aren’t coming, I can live with that, but I would at least like the chance to rock that Cinder color 10 in ranked. It would be a great way to turn an upset into a small victory, and a chance to see the hard work that went into making these colors not go wasted.

Just gonna tag @rukizzel, in case it helps. And possibly @TempusChaoti, who maybe can approach this from the MS end. @TheKeits @CStyles45 @UltimateToy


I agree it slim chances but why would you have been able to get one if you went to a tournament? they weren’t giving out download codes to just anyone. They prob only gave Bass one for promotional purposes.
You would prob have better chances just contacting US directly and asking them if you can purchase one or get one to promote on your “channel”.
It worked for me when I got a few for an online tournament.

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Some time last year either for KI world cup, or the last EVO tournament KI was featured in, one of the bigger tournaments, some attendees were able to get some codes for the color 10.

That’s the thing, by this point, if they aren’t going to launch the Cinder toy figure or any of the wave 2 figures which these color 10 promos were supposed to launch with, then by this point there should be a different option without having to jump through hoops just to get one. I don’t exactly have the time, knowledge, experience, or resources to host an online tournament or local tourney in my area.

I would love to get a Cinder color 10, and would probably even be willing to upload some video matches to youtube to show it off. Still, that doesn’t say anything to making it more accessible for the masses who might want to add this really cool costume to their collection.

I’ve been waiting a LONG time, since a low res fuzzy screenshot of it leaked on this forum well before season 3 premiered. If I can’t get it through the Ultimate Source toy order, I’ll pay for it as dlc should the option open up. If I can’t get it as a public dlc option, then point to a legitimate avenue as to how I can acquire one. I will say though, that it would help much more if there were a better option for access, and the original option to acquire one seems like it won’t be happening because no one can confirm whether ultimate source wave 2 is still happening.

I just want to know if the toy line is still happening, like I’m sure several people are, and if not, how else can I get the color 10 options for those characters if I can’t get them as intended anymore? I’m saying I’m willing to pay the fee for the extra color, just like I did when I bought Cinder’s gold skin, Shadow Jago’s silver skin, and Omen’s extra colors. I’m just asking not to be kept in the dark anymore, and hopefully to have some light shed on the subject, and maybe suggest a way to get it into the public’s hands for those of us who have patiently had it on the back of their minds for so long…

I really have had it on my mind for a while, and every chance I can, I want to know about it, but I’m trying to exercise courtesy when I do so, and just keep up hope for it.

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Ultimate Source is doing a contest tomorrow on twitter for TJ Combo Color 10. If the next line of toys are cancelled, please just put out a color pack with the color 10s. I definitely want that missing TJ color.


I am all for colour 10/11 packs, I actually started a thread requesting such a pack a couple weeks ago.

Well, the search feature failed me. I totally didn’t notice this at all, I would have supported this if I had seen it at the time. The main difference between these two arguments though, is I’m hoping they will release the color 10s for the figures that haven’t come out (and might possibly never come out at this point). With the other colors, you can at least purchase those figures to get those color 10s, though I do understand that they always seem to be in short supply.

But we can at least agree I suppose to better accessibility to these exclusive costume colors.

Well, congrats @oTigerSpirit for winning the TJ combo color 10 from Ultimate Source.


I don’t think that they understand that the people who want the figs and the people who want color 10 are 2 different groups. There are some of us who want both, but most want one or the other. At this point I would be ok withdrawal them just selling the color 10s and using the money to make the figs. This way both people win. If the figs never make it out, then we at least have the color 10s

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Don’t get me wrong, if the Cinder figure IS coming, I WILL buy it, even if I get that color 10 already. But ever since they showed off his color 10, I’ve wanted it, and waited to use it for a long time, I even have a small amount of money reserved at all times that the moment it gets announced, I’m going to be the first to preorder. I want the color 10 that bad, and I’m looking for every chance I can get to own it.

It’s just that, if the toy line is cancelled, then let the rest of us have a chance to use these colors too.

From what I know wave 2 isn’t cancelled it’s just on hold at the moment.

Lol. On hold is something you say when you don’t want to admit you are done. If they don’t release by the time the steam release happens, they will lose money. The older KI gets the harder it will be to sell them.


That may be true, but let’s hope for the sake of the people who wanted the next wave of figures that it isn’t.

Seriously, I kinda want to get that Cinder color 10 and enjoy it while ranked has such a good population, and I could post match footage or something, before the game is so old that we’ve reached the point of “why even bother anymore?”

I will say though, I do hope the Cinder figure is still on for production though, cause color 10 or no, I’d still buy it.

I would also. I would have loved a Riptor fig. An Eyedol fig would be badass

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I absolutely want a Riptor figure, like right now!

Hi guys - been totally out of the KI loop for a few months and only just found out about the three bonus colors for TJ/Cinder/Orchid that some people won as prizes on a stream or at tournaments or whatever.

I know there were originally going to be Ultimate source figures for the characters that would include the codes, but I am wondering if there is any other way to buy the colors, or if anyone is selling the redemption codes for them or whatever.

I would definitely buy those colors if they were available in the store

Welcome to the club, but as of right now, there’s no real way of getting them without knowing someone, being connected, or getting lucky and winning a giveaway.

There are plenty of us who would gladly pay for these colors, but as of right now, IG hasn’t given any word as to whether they will work to make them more widely available, Ultimate Source doesn’t really want to say whether they are still in production or not, keeping us on edge, and there’s no real talk from anyone on either side that can tell us any hint of the fate of these colors.

The most frustrating thing isn’t that these colors aren’t actually available, but the fact that anyone who would know anything won’t actually say anything.

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Thanks for your reply.
Well it’s good to know that i’m not the only one who enjoys collecting all the cool colors, and I’m glad i didn’t miss too much as far as special releases/giveaways etc.

Oh well, I guess they are being really mysterious then.
KI is like the only last/current Gen fighting game I know of that has such rare and limited/unobtainable in-game items!