Refund? Bye KI

Hey guys, i’m new on KI, i downloaded the game 4 days ago and just bought
KI Supreme Edition on PC, and i saw that i got 18k of gold, i bought
some accessories for Gargos and i used almost 2k.

Yesterday i wanted to buy a Hisako costume and i saw that i have 0
gold… i asked on KI Twitter for a solution but never get a answer, ask on Reddit for help but other people have the same problem, i tried on Xbox live chat support but they can’t help me because it is a Windows problem, so i give up. And i was so hyped for this game, but i don’t know…fails to convince me, i’m not a good online player for fighting games so i’m gettin bored, the game is awesome…but not for me sorry.

So i want a refund for the Supreme Edition, but i can’t find a email to ask for it, anyone can help me?

You can’t ask for a refund. Sorry mate, that’s just how life works.

Maybe someone here can address your KI gold issue, though.

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Everyone lost their KI gold this past weekend. And almost everyone had it come back by Monday. Restart your game, console or whatever your playing on. Call customer support.

@CStyles45 @TotalJimkata
Hey guys can you help this new player get his Gold back so he doesnt leave KI for a refund please? Or direct him to the right people that will actually help him? Thanks


I’m sorry, but you have been told that you are not allowed to get a refund when you bought it.

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Well that’s was unexpected, thanks guys…

You may not be good online at other fighting games but KI is different. You can try online at least. If not,try Shadow Labs. You basically create a shadow of yourself that learns from you as you play. You can fight other people’s shadows as well. Great mode and it allows you to practice against opponents without fear or anything. KI also has a great tutorial mode. I might not be able to convince you but the game has some amazing ways for you to get better. Well good luck anyway.


don’t listen to these people they don’t know what they are talking about.

call Xbox customer service and tell them the game is having performance issues and that you have deleted it l, rebooted and reinstalled several times. they will give you a refund. just remember tho, you only get one of these “gimme backs” once a year.

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Who wastes gold to unlock things you get from playing the game and then cries because of a glitch that literally doesn’t even affect you still unlocking costumes and colors?


KI gold is buggy, sometimes it disappears but it comes back. Did you try restarting the game?

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this is a known issue at ms, they are not offering refunds because you don’t actually lose the gold

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it’s not a windows problem, it happens on Xbox One as well. It’s a known issue at MS and they are not offering refunds because the gold is not actually gone.

Personally speaking I am glad you cannot get a refund this is because Fighting Games are niche and whatever money they can get for it shows that there is potential for more fighting games in future and profits are already limited in this genre these days.

But from a normal consumer point of view I see why Brexit was bad, the EU may not be perfect but they are the ones responsible for forcing Steam to give refunds on games they stand up for consumers more than America or anyother country. There needs to be laws against these things there is noway that a “no refund” policy is acceptable in any industry

According to the laws surrounding digital purchases you have the right to a refund if the product is not:

Of satisfactory quality

Fit for a particular purpose

As described by the seller

Also in regards to “MS don’t offer refunds because they said so” this statement is actual nonsense as I myself have claimed refunds from items that were thought to be except.

However in this case getting a full refund for the game would be difficult considering the purchase of content within. This to me sounds more like glitchy KI Gold (it can be a problem) although if the KI Gold is not working correctly they have to either fix it or it becomes “unfit for it’s purpose”

My advice would be to reach out to gentlemen such as @TempusChaoti or @rukizzel and see if they can help

kid admited on facebook that he sucks online wants to have fun. 4 days vs people who had it 3 years says he dont get alot of time to practice

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