Refresh rate

Is there going to be a patch that will enable a refresh rate of 144hz? I just cant play it at 60hz, I want to play this game, I have fond memories of killer instinct.

Increasing the refresh rates makes the game go in super speed. It won’t work.

60hz/fps is the normal rate of perception for the human eye, I believe. So why can’t you play at it?

60hz/fps is most certainly NOT the rate of perception. and because 60fps looks like ■■■■. The difference between 60hz/fps and 144hz/fps is astounding.

Apologies. I was misremembering something I had read in an interview about 60fps looking much more natural to the human eye.

And calling anything at 60fps crap is purely subjective, which doesn’t prove anything.

lol, the actual word I used was poo-p, nothing foul. and it looks blocked? if you are happy playing a game at 60fps, nothing wrong with that what so ever. if you built a good system, and paid extra for a monitor that runs games as well over 60fps, when every other game on the market is not capped at 60, you might be a little irritated. I want to like this game. when you aren’t use to 60, it just looks like something is wrong. that’s all, it doesn’t look good to me. wasn’t trying to “prove” anything

The game is built to run at 60fps. It will display all the frames. Simple as that. If it is 30fps,then it will slow down and still show the 60fps. The game slows. Those extra frames don’t exist. Lets say a move is 10 frames long. Changing the frame rate will change the speed which isn’t good. Point is the game isn’t built for it. It displays 60fps woth 90fps in the background so frame drops aren’t noticeable. This is for rollback. It can’t display over 60fps.