Reduce the priority of Rash's Wrecking Ball

Wrecking Ball has been talked about a lot in the past (mostly due to unfamiliarity), but I feel that there’s still something that’s backwards about it: its priority.

It’s armored, so a grounded heavy will beat it, right? Nope, because it’s also a special move. The grounded heavy will ignore the armor, but lose to its special move priority every time (grounded or not), so it ends up being a trade. The problem there is his Wrecking Ball has a full screen’s worth of corner carry and a wall splat on it, and my anti-air doesn’t. That means if you make a strong read and anti-air him with a move appropriate for beating armor, you can still end up with your back against the wall. The character already has a variety of ways in which he can quickly close distance and put you in the corner, so I think this is kinda out of place. It doesn’t quite make sense to me that I have to first go through this “whiff or block” mixup before I can anti-air him, considering the other uses of the move.

I feel that it should get the same treatment as Cinder’s Trailblazer. They’re both essentially airdashes that can be followed up, except you have to just wait for Wrecking Ball and hope it doesn’t whiff, rather than proactively anti-airing. If it had minimal priority, it would still be a good anti-wakeup tool, it would still give that “whiff or block” mixup against players who don’t anti-air (most KI players), it would still lead to ambiguous crossups, and it would still catch someone pressing a button.


You’re not wrong really in the scenarios you depict. But the thing with wrecking ball is it’s punishable on block. So it’s really not a huge problem to deal with.

To be honest, I feel maybe Cinder’s Trailblazer should get enough priority to at least trade with a jab and not lose to it utterly and completely.

Still, I kinda figured the game treats the move as an airborne move, in which case the priority is decreased by a whole factor doesn’t it? So wouldn’t it be like a heavy trading with a heavy? Or is the move hard coded to Special level priority, regardless of whether in air or on the ground?

Don’t try to beat it, just block and punish. Also, the hitbox on it is inside his hurt box so it shouldn’t really trade with grounded heavies.

Yeah, I know it’s punishable on block. It might whiff, though… in which case the anti-air I have prepared for the ‘on block’ case is going to get counter hit by a jump MK. That’s fine… I mean, if the Rash player has good spacing and I’m not ready to anti-air, then he deserves the jump in. But if I’m absolutely ready for it, and want to preempt that mix up, I can’t. That kinda blows for low mobility characters, who have a much harder time spacing against it.

Really, if the priority was reduced, I think it wouldn’t change much. You’d have to pull out a ~9 frame grounded heavy in reaction to a ~20 frame startup move. I think getting a anti-air without your back hitting the wall is a fair reward.

Nope, it sticks out in front quite a bit. You have to basically hit behind it for it to not be a trade.

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I agree with you on this and for those that say just block and punish. Id like to see a clip of a real match (not the lab recording) against a really good Rash and show us a consistent block and punish and all the other “Rash is easy to beat tech”…and do it with Aganos, Omen, and other characters that have no DP.

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I’d like to see any clear proof that rash is easy to block and punish, even with a char that has a DP such as FUlgore. I constantly get beat by Rash players who just use wrecking ball as their go to as it’s so infinitely better than almost any move in the game seemingly.

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Literal DP is only available with meter.

Hisako down+HP after a blocked wrecking ball is a very consistent punish - it will hit unless Rash’s arc causes him to cross over and go behind her. After most ram charges, her cr.MK is a sufficient check to keep him from doing something afterwards. I imagine some of that might be a combination of spacing and people trying to press buttons that are too “big”, but generally speaking, once Rash does something, it is at the very least no longer his turn.

I play super defensively against Rash (Hisako can’t catch him), and operate almost entirely on reaction to what he does on offense. I haven’t lost to a Rash since the first week of S3. It’s definitely possible to react to and punish the character, even for a character who doesn’t have a DP.

Any advice for the Fulgore side of things against rash though? I can’t seem to get anywhere against Rash players.

I want video proof of how block and punish isn’t working for you guys. Especially with a DP. Like, the only times DP wouldn’t work is if they get the giant pushback which keeps you safe from any of their follow ups any way.