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I can’t leave Shadow Lords mode by normal means, I press “B” to see the menu “Exit Shadow Lords?” but when I press “A” it doesn’t get back to the game’s main menu, I have to press the guide button, close the game, and start it up again.

Anyone else having this problem?.

By the way, it’s the Spanish Killer Instinct version the one I’m using, and the “Exit Shadow Lords” menu is in english.

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Use X. I’'m also in the spanish version

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That happens to me too.
I’m playing the Brazilian version and it is also in English.

I have the game in Spanish but do not have that problem

When its time to exit it clearly asked you to push X. Its different I know, but it reads To exit to main menu and leave shadow lords press X.

spanish game here, can’t exit.

Here are my thoughts and my quota of betatester, sadly I can’t check some stuff anymore since the mode it’s gone, but I hope developers reads this topic:

First at all, my KI SL version was castillian from Spain, wrongly known as spanish, so I don’t know some names in english, and my thoughts and issues are:

-I played with just a few characters, one of them was Rash, and he had a weird dialog about “beating someone for the Shadow Lord”, that’s the rough direct translation, it was like he said he’s beating people for Gargos. And I saw an item that had his flavour text incomplete, I can’t see which one because of the mode being gone until tomorrow, sorry.

-“Blindado III” enemy buff: That’s a real pain in the ■■■ when you have to attack unless you’re using the guardian that looks like an Halo’s monitor, I think they should tweak it a little to be less annoying.

-Rewards: I see no difference at all between Normal, “Desafiante” and God? difficulty, no matter if I beat Gargos in normal or God, rewards were the same in quality and quantity.

-Gargos’ instinct: I wish they would not fix it… because it’s almost impossible to beat an endless instinct Gargos with a regenerating shadow bar… when he replenishes the bar while hitting and can keep summoning the minions.

-Killer Guardians pack cost: I think it’s a bit cheap: with 2 hours of skipping days and Gargos farming you can get one, they should increase it just a little, maybe 20000 instead of 17000, I think that’s fair.

-Guardians limit: I think the limit of each guardian was 5 right? they should increase it to 6, 3 Legendary and 3 Killer, sometimes you don’t need a Killer, feeding those is a bit expensive.

-Materials: Kan-Ra should have an option to transmute items from any quality to other, even if the amount is less than what you get in the tradings after some missions, I have lots of legendary materials and a few common and rare ones after farming Gargos like mad.

-“Resurrecting” Gargos: Sometimes Gargos was still alive after the fight and needed to be killed again, even after an Ultra.

-Taunt and consumable: I read some people complaining about it, it’s a bad habit but… they should block the use of the consumable items while the combat is “Ready” or after the battle.

-Skip days message confirmation: Some people complained about it… developers should add a confirmation dialog.

-Exit Shadow Lords “A” button: As I said in my original message, it says “A” to quit and the real button was “X”, that needs to be fixed.

And… that’s all… I hope this helps and other people post here their thoughts and problems with the current state of Shadow Lords mode.