Record Aria's and other background stories with audio?

After reading the incredible and awesome Aria background story, I was wondering how things would sound, if an audio was recorded for it. Preferably in Aria’s own voice, so you can read while at the same time listen to her telling it.

Actually, this would be nice for all characters.
If the character background texts get added to the game, I wouldn’t mind such an audio presentation feature to accompany them. So you can read and at the same time listen to the audio.

Just like Rise of tomb Raider and the previous TR, where Lara finds artifacts and the game plays a small audio of her findings. It makes things livelier.

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I wouldn’t count on it but if they got ARIA’s voice actress to read her new backstory…kreygasm

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I’m actually planning to do an audio adaptation of Cinder’s backstory…with me doing all the voicing (yes you read that clear, I can pull off an ARIA). Problem is, I’ve yet to get a good microphone…

I’ve had an idea if I had the equipment, actors, time, money, experience… Ect.

To create Live-Action versions of the Back Stories! But like I said above… :frowning:

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