Recently started playing some KI2

Casual stuff, beat ladder, etc. I play on PC emulator, have no other way.

But boy, am I doing something wrong or classic KI`s are overly complicated?

Is it possible to learn precise combo breaking or is it designed for luck mashing?

Why inputs are batshit insane? Tusks Web of death is hcb+strong punch, but EX one is hcf, b+strong punch, WHAT THE ACTUAL ■■■■??

I cant figure out collision detection, sometimes I do special, my opponent does not block and it just whiffs through him.

How long combos can I do before opponents gets “blown out” without ender? From what I practiced, its kinda random…

Can someone help me out? I want to understand this game. I am trying
to practice some methodical combos, include those ridiculously hard EX
moves in them and etc. but I feel like these games were designed to
button mashing…

Not at all, it has its logic. The thing is I played while I was little and had no understanding whatsoever of the “technical aspect” as the same level I have in this game. I played by instinct.

Openers, linkers and breakers work differently in KI2. The special square (you need three to make an enhanced move or whatever they are called).

  • Normals are different in this game, I heard they are weaker…But I think you can combo after them.

  • To combo break: you need the right motion for your character (eg. with Wulf is back-forward K or P). Depending on the auto double they are making (if they are using punch or kick buttons) you break the kicks by pressing the command + Punch or the Punch by pressing the breaker command + Kick.

  • You have two main linkers I guess and not with all the stregnths. You should check the movement set of the character you play.

EG: Go to practice mode, set the AI :off and try making a special move and hit different buttons to check the auto doubles that will follow. You can try another linker after than and then the ender. For example with Sabrewulf: Go back-Forward + Medium Punch, then hit light kick and finally back-forward + Heavy kick. To make a manual combo from a jumping attack you can just mash HK after jumping (hit it twice or three times) then add back-forward + HK, the opponent will enter in a block string if it doesn’t confirm. You can also jump HK and once you hit the ground use the command down+HP and then perfom the first combo I wrote (because you can follow that with a linker).

  • Combo enders: there are 4 and are character specific. I only play Wulf and Fulgore so I really don’t know the others, I should play and figure it out. After you performed 4 enders you can get the fifth ender =) With Wulf the enders would be: B-F + (HK) , B-F + (HP) , B-F + ( MK) , B-F + (LP) and finally the fifth B-F + (LK)

  • Ultras: just the same as the first one. You do it while in danger. But there’s a “mini ultra” you can perform during the end of the first lilfebar

  • Enhanced moves: While incombo if you have three squares you can do them. I don’t remember the right command =P I perform them with Wulf like this: forward , QCB, forward + MP / MK. Maybe you can avoid the first forward? As I said I do it by instinct.

  • each character has a special move they can do with the squares. Eg, Fulgore can throw an eye laser while in the air or “mak” and opponent and throw 2 or 3 fireballs instead of 1.
    eg2: with Woulf you get a “Stunt motion” that consumes 4 squares which is very powerful. You have to jump QCB + HP. You can throw a fireball (which I don’t recommend). To get suqares with Wulf you can just howl with B-F + LP (keep pressing it to get multiple howls!)

  • some special moves are not combo linkers but they are finishers and very strong, they’ll use 6 squares but as linkers they’ll use 3.
  • Finishing moves: they changed now, you can perform them only when the character is flashing red. Either you add them while making a combo (you must hold an specific button depending on the character) or you can do some at distance while they are in danger: again with wulf is just holding LP for few seconds and letting go, he will throw bats that if blocked they will charge a lot of ex bar, if they confirm they’ll finish the opponent.

two days ago I decided to stream a little KI2, I’m rusty but you can check the gameplay here to get an idea:

PS: Yeap, is in Spanish, but you can see the things I’m talking about. KI2 is a great game. You just need to get used to it =)