Reboot of Primal Rage

I think that Iron Galaxy Studios and all the other groups that helped did a great job with the new Killer Instinct that is why I would like for them to make a
reboot of Primal Rage, keep the original characters and make some new ones as well.


It would LOVE that. Sadly I don’t think it will happen.

Primal rage was one of my number one favorite fighting games of all time. It shared the number one spot with KI and MK. If given the chance, I’d play it again.

I’d love for that to happen, so long as they don’t pull a freakin’ Primal Rage 2 and let the avatars be playable. Primal-Rage sets itself apart from other fighters by strictly being prehisotric beasts. No humans.

One day I would hope to remake Primal Rage and add more to the beastly roster. Unil then all we have to do now is this:
Still a WIP btw


Primal Rage is a childhood favorite of mine, it and MK were the two first video games I ever played. I was hoping NRS would be the ones to reboot the series but after seeing Ed Boon shoot that idea down on twitter, and then seeing how good the people behind KI are at making characters with out of the ordinary body types, I think IG/DH should reboot the series. It would be amazing and I know they would do it justice.

Also, in Primal Rage 2 to you weren’t limited to the human avatars, you could still play as the dino/ape/monster characters. All you had to do was hold a certain button(s) at the character select and you could select them from the get go just like in PR1. Though I do agree, if the series is ever revived leave out the human characters all together. None of the characters being humans was part of what made PR1 so damn cool.

I agree. what made Primal rage different from all the other fighting games of it’s time was that you could play as dinosaurs and apes but not humans.

noyt to mention the library of dinosaurs and prehistoric beatss have expanded since then.
king of the monsters ad you play a skaiju which includes only one dinosaur and just a other unique monsters.

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Exactly. It was awesome man lol I still have a copy for my parent’s old sega I used to play it on, one of my favorite games.

PR2 had to have been really close to getting an official release because I swear back when I was a kid, I had all of the PR1 character action figures, but I also had a Slashfang and Necrosan toy too.

But you are right, the whole dinosaur/ape/monster roster was what made it so cool. I really do think the KI team could make a killer Primal Rage game. I hope that one day they will take it on. Maybe after they are officially done with this KI game and ready to move onto another project they could take it on.

While I liked some of the human designs, I must agree.

(Let my game be the only giant lady fighter.)

That’d be great. But I fear it may never happen. regardless though, If given the oppritunity I would play Primal Rage again.

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