Reason to ever really use Exchange/Ram Horn Ender?

Been playin Rash since Day 1, and I honestly can not find and reason to use it over his Damage or Wall Splat ender, other than those very specific opponent-in-corner combos. One might say to get out of the corner, but with Rash’s consistent air mobility options, doing that is easy enough without it.

There’s a setup with this ender, not the best of all but can suprise the opponent a bit. After the ender just do a heavy wrecking ball followed by for a more or less meaty cross up. If the opponent is getting used to it you might want to use an other strengh for your wrecking ball to mix things up.
Otherwise it’s true that it isn’t the most usefull of all ender.

Oh yeah that’s what I do with the other enders after knockdown, L Wrecking Ball (faster startup/leaves you closer to the ground, I think?). Usually either preceded by H if at a good distance and/or followed by j. MK/j. HP.

I was just wondering if there was any reason to do exchange ender. I think they should make it a battery ender as it doesn’t give anything you don’t get off boot or wallsplat and does less damage than both.

Rash’s exchange ender is a hard knockdown. Damage ender won’t let you continue your offense unless you’re in the corner, where you should really be using wallsplat anyway. If you want to maintain your offense after your ender and you’re not in a position to land wallsplat, exchange is what you want. Though, unlike most other characters, his exchange ender is his weakest, meaning using it is giving up a fair chunk of damage.

A better question you should be asking with any character you play is: Is there a reason to be using damage ender outside of round-end situations? For most of the cast, the answer is no.

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This is something I agree with- make it a foward-hitting basic knockdown Battery ender.

Honestly, the way it hits the opponent back and upwards doesn’t even make sense to me, especially with the angle the Ram Horns stick out on his head.

Well it is also a hard knockdown. Ambiguous cross ups, safe jumps, meaty set ups, anti dp set ups, etc. Sure he gets some of those off his other enders as well but variety helps keep you from getting predictable.

Could a Battery one not be a hard knockdown, just pushes them a decent bit foward instead of putting them behind him?

Thunder had that before season 3. They took it away because it wasn’t following ender rules. I don’t think rash should have a battery ender to begin with.

I’d say to make it just a hard knockdown ender with some higher damage, but then what’s really the point of using that if he has Boot Ender? Hmm. I feel as though the exchange ender is unnecessary, but what could it really be replaced with?

Heck make it where he does a sick front flip and hits them, do a ground bounce eh?

I mean…if you think the ability to continue your offense in any meaningful way midscreen after a combo is unnecessary, that’s on you.


When he’s a character that excels at both midscreen play AND locking the opponent down in the corner with his intense mixup options, no, I don’t think that ender has any real necessary use.

I guess the thing that’s “on me” is the way I play him, so I guess it’s a matter of opinion.

A hard knockdown will always be a more reliable option for continuing offense than a soft knockdown. Boot Ender is a soft knockdown, which is more or less a return to neutral. You will likely gain proportional meter upon landing your post-knockdown setup. Rash doesn’t have any exceptional need or uses for meter, aside from his reversal/cashout, so you shouldn’t find yourself in too many situations where you NEED meter upon landing an Ender.

A flat-out, non-exchange HKD does not require you to make any meaningful decisions with your enders. If you are close enough to splat, you would splat, if not, you HKD, and you close out rounds with DMG. With the current design, there are several screen positions where you have to decide between a setup and closer-to-corner positioning, with the caveat that if you can land a jab when being bullied in the corner, you can switch sides with your HKD and go on offense, into your splat>corner pressure game. I think that makes for a more interesting process for both players, while having some subtle utility the proposed “fix” would lack.

So, to reiterate the point I am always trying to make around here, and always falls on unlistening ears - Rash doesn’t NEED new tools, what he NEEDS is players willing to utilize his kit adequately, and to it’s potential.