Reaping and Reactability

So the Reaver mixup is purportedly unreactable. I understand fully how it is visually unreactable, but there may be a handy built in reaction aid that I haven’t seen anyone talking about: the audio cues.
I don’t claim any of this to be scientifically true, and it could be simply unreactable after all. However, when Reaver animates, she says something different per strength, in increasingly aggressive tones.
I propose it could be possible to react to the audio cues, specifically the tone of her voice, to avoid the guess/SC entirely. Reacting to the WORD would take too long, but being able to identify the tone may yet be helpful, if perhaps unreasonably difficult or time consuming.
@developers @TheKeits Can I ask for your scientific input on this one?


Interesting concept. That might be the key. Although a quick point of clarification, is the move called “Reaver” or “Reaper”? I thought it was the latter.

Oh, wow, I don’t actually know. Probably Reaper. I’ll check and if it’s with a P I’ll fix it.

EDIT: Fixed the title.

Neat. And sorry! Not trying to derail, I was just uncertain.

Upon further, sort of mind numbing examination, I realize that again, I am full of nonsense. Hopeful nonsense, but nonsense nonetheless.

It appears the audio clip doesn’t actually begin playing until after the first hit, when she actually conjures the scythe. This being the case, she isn’t providing the auditory identifier until it is already too late for the defender, who must commit to their guess or spend the bar.

Shucks. Nearly hypnotized myself with QCB’s for a whopper of a disappointment.

Good news is: Reaping (I’ll still think of/refer to it as Reaver, cuz I do that) is everything we were promised. Hurrah!

Sucks to fight Mira though. Pun intended (that one too).

When are you guys using this special? I try to use it after I knock them down and as they are getting up so they have to guess but it seems they can knock me out of it by pressing literally any button.

I’ve only really been using the mixup during corner pressure (with bats, especially with Instinct).

[with bat coverage] st.MP x HK Slide>cr.LP x M/H Reaping

HK Slide to cr.LP is a pretty tight frametrap. Seems to work well if they don’t have meter or are discouraged from SCing. If they guess right, we’re still only -4, so we can often get away with backdashing or Misting out to avoid their turn and try to re-establish ours. Misting out can also yield whiff punish to combo opportunities, depending on what they’re trying to start their turn with. I wouldn’t rely on immediate offensive opportunities with Mist-out, but they can indeed present themselves - especially with throw-happy opponents.

Remember, Misting is user preferential. Lots of options there.

Also, remember when applying expensive pressure like this to turn your openings into heal opportunities, either via Bite Linkers or enders. In the corner, Splat Ender>HK/EX Bite.

Side Note: I know Mira players will gradually develop our life-monitoring skills, but for now I feel like we should end everything with cautionary reminders, so it gets drilled into our heads early. Scaring the opponent into blocking and guessing badly for a whole round, and eating 74% in a lockout, only to die from their 9% jab punish is real, and embarrassing.

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