Really loving it, but it would be awesome with Shadows

Shadow lord has been awesome, but the game would be a lot better if you could fight againts shadows from shadow lab, they act more like real people and I believe it’s one of the biggest strenghts of solo play in KI.


fingers crossed

It really should.

I like Shadow Lords as a mode, but sometimes fights just simply aren’t fair; not because of the numerous buffs, but because the AI is so damn stubborn and button reading! They flip from stupid to Justin Wong fused with Sleep-tier mentality, and it drives me nuts!

PLEASE, Iron Galaxy: there MUST be a way! If we can fight Shadows in a Survival mode, I know you guys can find a way to make us fight Shadows in a random AI battle.

It’d be nice to be able to record shadow data in SL too.

I swear, I haven’t been able to do the overhead and low versions of Ichi-Ni-San without the AI blocking them even once. This is against all versions of the AI.

Ehh, Shadows are too easily exploited though. Like once you find the one thing that it has no clue what to do against you can just do it over and over and over again. At least AI are a little more well rounded.

I’ve chipped the AI to death just by using TJ’s spin fist. Occassionally, they try to do a shadow move, but 90% of the time they just sit there and block forever.

At least with Shadow AI it wouldn’t just sit there like a wall the whole time.

The problem with integrating shadows is that it’s hard to keep the difficulty stable that way. It’s kind of hard for the devs to go in and inspect every shadow to make sure they don’t have even one tactic/character programmed into them that could ■■■■■ everything up.

If my Glacius shadow showed up in some casual guy’s run…I’d hate (love) to see the reaction.


Has there been any mention of a use for shadow points other than challenging other shadows in shadow mode. If it’s been mentioned my bad just got to the party

I don’t want the developers to just transplant the Shadow AI directly into the SP modes. Rather, I want them implement the Shadow AI in a way that complements the traditional AI, making for fights that feel more dynamic, varied, and realistic. The Shadow AI system allows CPUs to echo human error more closely and use different strategies instead of doing the same button-reading coin-flip stuff that Fighter AI usually breaks down to.

I agree. Although I’d like the option to use shadow ai in regular survival too. Didn’t they say they were working on it?

It should adjust difficulty with wins loses. Win more, get more difficult shadows.

Wondering if there will be any shadow lab interface ability either in Shadow Lords or in the new Multiplayer mode. Also wondering if this new multiplayer mode will include and coop play.

ftr, I didn’t sign up for early access precisely because I didn’t want to bother dealing with the default AI.

I realize that the buffs make it difficult to make a Shadow make reasonable decisions, especially with the way Shadows AI is implemented. But I feel that it’s pretty fundamentally important that AI players never have access to information less than 15 frames old when making a decision, because being able to violate this constraint subverts KI’s great combat design (and misrepresents the impact of the various buffs on the game, too).

I’m one of the biggest backers for Shadows in this mode, at the same time (and mind you I’ve only played SL for like 2 hours) I’m having fun just the same with out them. I find that SL is less about the immediate fight, and more about the set up before hand, the loot after, and stat managing. Sure fighting with a Shadow would be more fun moment to moment, but so far I can’t say that I’m all that disappointed.

Sure this stance could change the more hours I put in, and sure I will concede off top that Shadows are WAY better than normal AI, I’m just saying that so far it hasn’t impeded my enjoyment of the mode.

I would love for Shadow Lab to be integrated some way into Shadow Lords and beyond.

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Welll guys, is the AI. It has always been like this in fighting games.
I like the idea of shadows, however shadows can be really easy at times, but it’s not funny to play vs an AI that just counter hits everything you do and you have to find a way to cheap it. It would be great they could find a good balance, which isn’t that easy because we don’t, as players, look for the same challenges.

What I find very curious about this AI in Shadow Lords, at least in the first two difficulties: The AI guess breaking is powerful, lol.

Pretty sure you wouldn’t want that. Shadow Lords modifiers significantly change the balance of how you play both the neutral and combo games. Trying to take a shadow optimized for SL play in a non-SL match would likely get it destroyed, while a non-SL shadow will probably not take full advantage of the modifiers.

That said, can’t wait for shadow AI integration into Shadow Lords. The standard AI is incredibly boring to fight :slight_frown:


Yah, didn’t think of that.