Ready to Body Achievement is Broken

Can you please fix this achievement, several people has posted that is broken in many threads

I’m even have been ranked twice, and in neither 2 times have gotten the achievement.

Please some devs respond.


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Thanks for flagging me. Will look into it!

KrakenJimmy, posted you that Ready To Body on KI Steam is broken, also now the Steam version have a bigger problem

Thanks for the heads up- looking at this along with a similar issue on X1/Win10.


Still they doesn’t fix this achievement.

@KRAKENJIMMY any news?

Please fix this.

Please, it’s over a year of the release of the game and this achievement hasn’t been fix.
I have only a couple achievements and then i only have left this broken achievement, please if you can’t fix it, remove the achievement from Steam, many devs do that.

He’s either seen your message or he hasn’t King. Please do not spam the tag feature to try and force a response.

@STORM179 sorry about that.
But as you can see we have waited a lot, can you contact some dev to take a look of this please?

No worries man. Unfortunately, I don’t have any more power to get James’ or another dev’s attention than you do. As far as I’m aware nearly all active work on KI has ceased at this point however, so I honestly wouldn’t expect this to be resolved any time soon. Even that cascading network issue that crashed the online a while back seemed to mostly get resolved due to James being a one-man troubleshooting service…MS hasn’t seen fit to put significant resources into the game for a while, and I have to think patching out achievements on Steam isn’t going to make the priority list in the near future.

I hope that your issue can get resolved, but in the meantime you’ve probably done all you can. When James checks back on the forum maybe he’ll see your request and be able to start a fix, but maybe not. We’ve no idea how the Steam port was done or budgeted internally, so not even really sure James has oversight or authority to do the fix you’re asking for.

Many thanks Storm for your answer.
Sad to hear, i now just hope they remove the achievement from Steam, if they aren’t gonna fix it, it’s very quick and with just some clicks they can do it, so a lot of people can achieve the 100%.

Have a nice day.

@KRAKENJIMMY We have seen other players who have this now. We think you may have fixed this for new players who qualify. But still makes this achievement impossible for those who have been playing before the fix and only have the option to requalify. Can you please look at this?

@KRAKENJIMMY please help. I am a broken man. I have contacted Iron Galaxy by phone. They said it is a Microsoft issue and tried to contact them on my behave to no avail and many e-mails in between.

I have contacted steam support which has led the to the same conversations.

I am told to contact microsoft support, which is all xbox and win10. I have tried and they have no idea what I’m talking about plus it’s just tier 1 support people.

Through my journey it seems clear you are the only man who can fix this. I beg you can you please look into this?

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Hi everyone. First, thank you for being patient on this. We are looking into removing this achievement so people can get 100%- per many suggestions from forum users here.

We need to make sure this works as planned and does not impact anyone that has the achievement. I have not been available to support on this due to other priorities but I am going to have some time post E3. I know this does not sound nearly fast enough, but I wanted to at least let you all know this has not been forgotten and ask for continued patience.


Don’t worry about people who appear to have this achievement. They hacked it with Steam Achievement Manager program.

Hi everyone, wanted to let you know we removed ‘ready to body’ from the steam achievements and confirmed that the completion % auto-adjusts to the new count. Anyone that needed this to get 100% should now have it! If that is you please share a screen shot and tag our @kiillerinstinct on twitter (or here).

We want to thank everyone for their long-term patience on this.


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