"Reactor" Shirt Available from Eighty Sixed

Has your closet been devoid of Killer Instinct apparel as of late? Good news, our friends at Eighty Sixed Clothing are back with another KI shirt just for you!

Check out the full article here: “Reactor” Shirt Available from Eighty Sixed - Killer Instinct


But… Please stop steal my money…

As if there is any thought that I wouldn’t be buying this awesome Fulgore shirt. It looks so cool that they can have a robot of doom and death have so much emotion =) but that’s the point with the original Fulgore right? That he has the capacity for emotions. <3 <3 <3 <3 this shirt.

TAKE MY MONEY!!! *gargles

Well darn, though goes my money. I NEED this shirt. Stop with the coolness guys, you’re gonna bankrupt me lol

That’s why I limited myself to only Fulgore stuff.

Looks simply phenomenal! These guys know their stuff.

Is it availible in black?

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I believe it is only available in one color.

While I wish this was available in a Women’s fit (I’m not a huge fan of Unisex/Men’s fits, tbh), I get that it probably wouldn’t be a hot seller in that style, haha. But I do loves me some Fulgore, so if/when I have a little extra spending money, I’m totally picking this up.

Nice shirt can’t wait till they release a jago joint

This is really tempting!.. but Im a bit short of money. But if I wait it out it might be sold out. Decisions decisions. notlikethis

Oh man this shirt is the freakin bomb!! Fulgores my second favorite too so I want even more bad lol its so awesome… ugh I need to convince someone to get me an early Christmas present or belated birthday one lol

Heeeellll yeah! I have to get this! I already bought the last Eighty sixed shirt, plus 2 from Penny arcade and one from china with teh Season 1 cast chibis .

Protocols/protocol initiatives reactivated. Hype/Devastation Beam activated. Activate Hype/Devastation Beam now :sunglasses:

Next is Jago and Omen shirts! Please? :smile:


Even tho I don’t play Fulgore, I want this shirt!

It certainly is gorgeous.


■■■■ man I want this shirt. Too bad they don’t release them at local retailers…

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I know, right? If they make a Glacius one that’s just as good I may have to give up my Halo 5 money.

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