Reaction to LCD's "Killer Instinct Season 3 | Guest Characters" video

That doesn’t surprise me ninja, only old guys like me were around back then haha. That being said, its amazing to me that people are so opinionated on Rash being in KI without knowing the battletoads story.

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I’ll be 33 in two weeks

your the same age as me old boy!

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I understand and agree that even in a game like KI there are certain archetypes that don’t fit. It’s strange to have Mario as a KI fighter for example.

Having said that, I don’t believe it applies to Rash and the reason for that is Spinal. Spinal is a skeleton animated by magic with a goofy personality while Rash is an anthropomorphic frog from space with a goofy personality. Why can one exist in the game and not the other? Glacius proves that there are aliens in the KI universe and Kan-Ra proves that there are portals that can transport people among dimensions.

So in every aspect I can think of - visuals, goofiness, attitude, origin, fighting style - there is not a single aspect where Rash wouldn’t fit in my opinion.

I know, opinions are opinions, but if we want to discuss opinions in a constructive manner we have to at least inform people what the basis of our opinions are. The way Rash is depicted doesn’t fit? How? Where he does come from doesn’t fit? Why?

For example, a character like Mario doesn’t fit IMO. But why? Sure a game that has portals can accommodate a character from another world… In this case Mario doesn’t fit because the way the character is drawn doesn’t fit the art style of the game. He would have to be remodeled to fit and would most probably end up looking like the one used in the Mercedes Benz Mario Kart commercial (this one). It would be funny as hell but wouldn’t fit.

On that we agree, but we don’t know if their intention with Rash was to bring new players. For all we know they did it as fan service and for the Lolz.

As I said earlier I don’t think Rash or Johanna would alienate any new players that eventually comes in contact with the game - ok, it has a giant frog… and a skeleton, a wherewolf, a cyborg, a mummy and the T1000 (if they happen to see the right Glacius costume). Why is that strange?

I think Johanna at least doesn’t attract attention to herself if the player happens to not know her, but she also becomes almost a Ryu and Ken situation with Orchid (that would actually be kinda cool, having their origins intertwined somehow).

The point remains that as a guest character, if their intention where to attract new players Rash might not have been the right choice.

I don’t see where the belief that Joanna is a bad-■■■ character comes from. Can someone explain that to me? That’s like asking for Soap from MW2 or MC from Halo, both characters that get screamed about whenever their names pop up. What’s the difference?

Read my post from like 5 up Dancovich – Rash is a teenager behind a computer, not a toad from space…

Like I have argued in another thread, Rash is a wacky cartoon character with wacky toony toon (think something along the lines of Bugs Bunny) physical characteristics forced into a thematically-, sci-fi/fantasy-realistic world. It’s not the fact that he’s an anthropomorphic frog that’s the problems, but rather that he’s a cartoony anthropomorphic frog.

Goofy personality aside, an actual KI anthropomorphic frog wouldn’t look or move like Rash.

I see your point.

But given the fact this thread (and LCD’s original video) is mostly worried about the impact of such character to newcomers I ask: would they ever notice?

My nephews haven’t, I played the beta and they treated the character as part of the cast. Maybe because we know he’s from a game where he’s supposed to be cartoony we consider him as such but the 3D model they made for him doesn’t convey that to newcomers as much as we think it does.

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