Reaction to LCD's "Killer Instinct Season 3 | Guest Characters" video

His boot linker reminds me of Michigan J’s dance from Looney Tunes…

Another frog character if you can believe the irony…

I just wanted to point out that Rash has been on top of many Votings. Its not a pure MS and IG decision.

The Second most was Joanna Dark - wich i hope we see too.

People should play more Battletoads games before saying it doesn’t fit at all with all that hate. Regarding Sabrewulf and Riptor, i think a brawler frog sums up KI pretty much in my mild opinion. Rash is there in memory of rareware.

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I’m perfectly comfortable with LCD’s thought process. I just disagree with the result. I think Rash fits as well or better than Joanna Dark. Here’s the thing, LCD spends the video arguing that you want to bring in guest characters that will help sell the game. But Joanna Dark is NOT going to help sell KI. And even if she is, she isn’t going to help it more than a Battletoad. She’s a not famous character from a game that didn’t sell all that well (the original moved 2.5 million units, which is good but not for the follow up to GoldenEye, which sold more than 8 million. Perfect Dark Zero sold less than 800,000 units). Joanna Dark was never a “thing.” She’s just a recognized former Rare property. But that’s the same as Battletoads. The idea that she is somehow going to boost KI more than Rash is not really grounded in anything.

It seems like LCD is presenting a good logical argument (put in guest characters that help sell the game) and then mis-applying that argument. The real reason he wants Joanna and not Rash is that Joanna “fits better” with the game. This is a valid opinion, but it has nothing to do with the guest character logic being presented.

As far as Scorpion - no question adding him to KI would move units. That’s why he’s in Injustice. But good luck getting that to happen. The anime fighters suggested in this thread might be cool, but those games have such a tiny audience that it isn’t going to help sell KI. If they stick in Ryu, that would be a big deal. But also not going to happen. Master Chief is a better choice than Joanna Dark, by a long shot, if you follow LCD’s logic.


Anyone BUT Joanna Dark PLZ!! She is so boring in every way… and guns?? Plz no.

Master Chief is completely different from Johanna Dark, but in a long term sense you are correct she also uses guns but she is so much more. You had to of fully read my post from above to truly understand my point of view. Also I’m sorry you can’t stand my videos anymore; I speak my mind and not everyone will agree with everything I say. I’ve built my YouTube channel on super highly opinioned videos over the years and I actually DON"T want people to agree with me. I want people to form their own thoughts.

Like I said, guest characters do whatever job the company wants them to perform. If it’s just to put silly characters into the game for fun then fine, if it’s to help promote the game and get more attention to the game then fine. Saying Rash doesn’t belong in the game or Master Chief does or Johanna does means nothing unless we know the context for reasoning of putting them in the game in the first place and like I said in my long winded post above…we can only speculate on that reasoning for now.

Johanna Dark DOESN’T have to be in the game, she is just someone I would personally feel would be cool to put into the game, but at the same time she does contradict my own beliefs about bringing in only characters that would promote the game.

Neither Master Chief or Joahnna Dark are good for the game unless you want FPS guys to come play KI. I view things differently and want actual Fighting Game players to play KI. You have a better chance of getting those people who play MK, SF, or Smash to actually stick with KI over some Halo guy who might pick up KI for 10 minutes just because Master Chief is in it. Do people not remember when they put Chief into DOA…or remember the outcome?

Again, it ALL depends on how you look at it…do you want to just put fun and silly characters in the game whom only current KI community will enjoy or are they there for a purpose which is to get more people to play the game long term?

People confused my wanting Johanna Dark with me contradicting myself which I openly admitted several times in the video but also in this thread. She is just someone I want personally but it has nothing to do with promoting the game, because again we don’t know the context. Putting either character into the game is like putting Sonic the Hedge Hog in Heroes of the Storm a Blizzard MOBA. If you don’t like mobas whatsoever do you care that sonic is in the game? That same principle can be applied to Master Chief and Johanna.

Quite frankly I don’t really care who they choose for the next guest characters at this point; I will continue to love and play KI no matter what. My disliking of Rash doesn’t mean others won’t enjoy him :grinning:

I think you’re right, to a point. No question a higher percentage of people who enjoy an existing fighter are going to come and stick with KI. But there are a lot fewer of those people. If even 1:10 Halo players try KI and 1/100 of those stick around we are talking about a huge influx of people. Some of them are going to pick up the game and stick with it and get good.

Even more than that, what we are missing right now are beginner and intermediate players to encourage the growth of the community. We have plenty of hardcore players. Maybe not the guys you know and love from the FGC, but still lots of guys. But I’d like to build the community on a solid foundation with a lot of people. I don’t think it makes sense to try to build the community from the top. Big name tournament players aren’t going to pull in amateurs. But Masterchief might.

PS I thought the Spartan in DOA2 was great. That game was very successful. I have no idea what it was like on the tournament circuit, but it was the first game with truly functional netcode and despite not being a big fan of the franchise I played hundreds of hours of it.

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Its Joanna Dark not Johanna :wink:

It just hurted my eyes to read it over and over again.

And she is my most wanted guest character - i would love to see her.

Rash is cool.Orchid could use a Johnna dark out fit. I would like to see KY and sol from guilty gear.We should push from that!!!. Mk characters…hmmmmm idk.I would love to see ryu and Chun li tho.Ryu doing a ultra combo that would be awsome!

I think any street fighter character would benefit ki. Back when ki was released they had asked Ono what sf character he would put in ki he said blanka. What if blanka does not come out in the new sf but instead he makes it in ki.

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I don’t think any major franchised fighting game characters should appear in KI, while it is trying to compete with the same franchises, MK & SF characters should be a no-no, I would much rather have more original characters before you start to do any of these guest characters. MK & SF have a catalog of characters over 10 different games… KI should build its own independent catalog of base characters before we start going scorpion & ryu all over the place… RASH, i get it, Rare related but i doubt he will be heavy in the base story mode of the Game… Eagle, maybe human Cinder + Sabrewolf + Spinal, another bounty hunter from glacius alien race, Ancient Chief from Maya’s Tribe, Jago Sensei… there are so many original base characters that can be added to make the foundation of KI solid, THEN… you go crazy with guests… We compare KI to SF & MK and expect it to compete on all levels forgetting that it is a Franchise that was dormant for about a decade… Let Ki rebuild it’s own identity and expand on that, then revisit the topic of a multitude of guests, were talking about adding key characters from other games before we even have all the characters from the first 2 original releases… MK & SF & MvC are franchises running consecutively over a decade, lets crawl before we walk here with KI… Rash fit or no fit, was a great addition because they made it work… Joanna Dark would make sense again only as a Rare relationship, but I personally wish for more original characters before filling the roster with guests


paragraphs my dude


Lol. But It depends on the licences, what could work, and who it is.

I like the idea of MS using some of their own character IP that fit (e.g., Joanna Dark, Freia or Edgar from Phantom Dust, etc.) so long as they fill a gap in terms of fight style or bring something unique to the table.

I love the idea of bringing in guests from other fighting game franchises and I agree it’s mainly a way to potentially get fans of those games to try KI out. Mortal Kombat has a huge player base and I think it’s the most logical place to start, especially considering Ed Boon’s public comments about maybe doing a cross over someday. Maybe start with one or two Earth Realm defenders such as Raiden since we don’t have the lightning element really represented (Thunder doesn’t count) and Katana for wind with her fans, as well as one or two Outworld/Netherrealm characters like Ermac and Shinnok competing with Gargos for Earth? I’d love to see them go more extreme with a whole season dedicated to the MK cross over, with 4 Earth Realm characters on the good side and 4 Outworld/Netherrealm characters helping Kan Ra or Gargos, but that seems highly unlikely.

Can’t wait to see what IG/MS do.

hadn’t even thought of Phantom Dust. Maybe its a good time to get one of those characters in this game since development for its new game is “ongoing”. And from the only teaser we’ve seen, it doesn’t seem like too much of an out-there idea. I mean if new games of Phantom Dust and Battletoads are coming, it would only make sense to promote them with guest roles in KI, maybe see the reaction of the fans and how interested they might be in those titles.

Guys we all know captain falcon is going to be a guest character for season 3

I think this would be pretty cool too. :slight_smile:

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Ugh, I’ve posted this before in other threads but really wow, people sure are opinionated about Rash without even knowing what the battletoads are. They’re not flesh and blood toad-men, they’re avatars being controlled by teenagers behind a computer! Ever notice how in every game 16-bit and up the toads initially appear as wireframe and then fill in? They are pure technology, how does this not fit the KI storyline? The Battletoads program was made (if i remember correctly) by Psicone Industries. They could be UltraTech’s competition, or an affiliate. Easy to add it into the story. Don’t believe me? See for yourself: - comic book

and the first episode of the cartoon


im quite sure Rash has brought a lot of attention to KI.

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