Razer Atrox Fightstick 50% Off for 24 hours

If anyone is interested in a fightstick Razer is having a store wide sale, and you can pick up their Xbox One Atrox for $99 (Normally $199) after creating a Razer Insider account and using the provided coupon.

Razer Insider Account Creation:

Razer Atrox for Xbox One:

Dang I just spent $100 in custom parts for one of my TE2s. Wish I would’ve seen this a few hours earlier.

Don’t worry about it. They were out of stock before the sale even started a far as I can tell…

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Ok cool. Now I don’t feel so bad about missing out on a sweet deal. Get to get one of my TE2s looking really nice before the World Cup with some new parts.

Wow they sold out fast. I hope someone was able to get one. I’ll be sure to keep a eye out for any future deals.