Rattle Them Bones - Spinal Combo Thread

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He sears his way into our hearts… only to refrain us to gain any meter with these combos.

spinal’s pretty fun


How is this the first post in this thread, but EVERY other topic gets duped to hell and back!? Even @UABass pokes around these parts once in a blue moon, but it’s @DEClimax christening the skeletons combo thread!? What is happening!?

Also, I read that in the loony Arby’s guy voice.


It’s frustrating :confused: There’s a lot to discover with some characters, especially spinal. I wish more people put effort into sharing tech.


What’s a good punish combo when you catch a jump-in with a crouching fierce with no meter?

These are probably all things that other, infinitely better Spinal players have already found, but I had a lot of fun making this little combo video.