Rational Discussion of Three Stages for Season 3 Thread

I actually love that idea and would be completely fine if that is what is coming.

I would love to see it work similar to this:
Devils Landing -> Thunder
Sunrise Devils Landing -> Tusk

Forbidden Archives -> Kan Ra
Forbidden Archives Take Over(Portal is completely open,
everything is tainted by shadow energy, Blue fog) -> Gargos

Ultratech Industries -> Fulgore
Ultratech Countermeasures(Reactor core is overloaded, a Portal in the center, red fog,
Guardrails and equipment damaged) -> Eyedol


Rash’s stage(s) needs to be electronic:
He could share Aria/Cinder/Fulgore stages

Good ultimate boss characters in fighting games are always too OP to be made playable. How do you know we won’t be fighting a pair of giant shadowy hands and a face for an end boss? A simple background of stars or cosmic vistas would remove the need for his own stage.

But you have a good point. I’m making an assumption. We have no confirmation that we’ll even be seeing Gargos is S3. Maybe they have a season 4 planned and need to keep Gargos looming on the horizon a bit longer.

Rash’s stage should be the practice stage. It matches his instinct mode ‘digital netting’.

No way, the practice stage is boring. I hope they never put that in rotation.


I agree.i hate watching matches on the practice stage. But it is often preferred by tournament players who don’t want any distractions.

I think they should allow you to pick it but not have it in the rotation for Random select.


I like this idea, since most people probably select random anyways.

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Nope… Too Minimal for Rash, and as others said pro-players abuse the training stages all the time.

Great man, you said it all.
That’s how i’m felling right now.

Too minimal? If Rash gets a stage AT ALL it will be more than he deserves, imo.

Well he’s here and so is Arbiter people like them in KI, if you don’t then whatever. lol

make your self decent boy your sour patch is showing.

You needn’t concern yourself with my lack of interest in Rash and Arbiter. The fact that other people like them certainly doesn’t bother me.

But do you think Rash’s lack of a stage in his trailer was of no significance?

While in beta? No. However his intro is more telling then anything else. I’d assumed then and there he was sharing a stage.

In hindsight, I think if they intended to give him a stage, they would have waited longer to show the trailer so they could include it.

I’d actually prefer they kept it out of stage select for versus all together. But if it has to be permitted…

I hope the 3 stages is a joke or all stages is saved for the ultimate edition. Not getting a rash, gargos or tusk base will make me really question buying season 3 and I am a die hard fan… I’m literally devistated over this news.

Again, it has been conirmed not a joke almost 30 times in this forum. Not 3 stages at launch. Not 3 stages at the moment. Not 3 + 6 stages. Only. 3 . For. S3.
I know how you feel. As an OCD person myself I keep trying to make things in life 1:1 but terribly enough this time it just seems it’s not happening.


What justification do they have for only 3 stages? NONE. We pay $40 bucks for a season we should get the same quality as before. I’m sorry but there is no excuse for this. I don’t get why they are trying to kill this game and hype for season 3. As a Xbox fan this is really sad to see characters without their own stages. 9 character with 3 stages when they have had several months to work on this season. If they dont announce an ultra edition with stages for every character I’m going to be disappointed.


No one knows what’s in the $40 dollar version of Season 3. Past entries had the older games bundled so we have to wait and see what will be coming in the 40 dollar version this time.

I’m just going to respectfully say my opinion:

I think removing the tradition of having a “home” stage for every character is a tragic mistake, if that is indeed the case. Each character’s stage is part of their personality and stretches into other modes and gameplay features as well. Everything from story mode, survival ladders to artwork the stages are a big part of what it means to get a new KI character.

The fanbase has been begging for more stages, how they could possibly decide to give us less of them than we’re accustomed to is mind boggling. Two of the biggest requests in-game are Ultimate combos and more stages, the two things we’re finding that season 3 lacks. I will be severely disappointed if they cheapen the experience by cutting out character stages, I don’t care if we have 20+ stages now as they’re not generic ones, they’re all tied to a cast member. All this serves to do is make season 3’s characters feel half-assed because we’re getting less content per character than before.

Honestly I have to admit that my excitement for season 3 has dropped considerably after hearing this news. My guaranteed preordered day one purchase is now a “Wait and see” situation because if they’re willing to axe vital parts of why I love this game so casually I’m not sure I want to go in blindly and purchase season 3’s ultra pack after having already spent well over $150 on this game to date.


what if they’re retouching the old stages regarding there’s gonna be few 3D stages for season 3?

This could be big as they’re promising.