Very nice, neat, and cool find in KI including Rash’s FULL, COMPLETE Ultra Combo :smile:

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And the fact it’s the Battletoads Pause Theme? KILLER INSTINCT HYPE! Woo! :blush:

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Wow, this just interesting to see. So it seems the current patch still has Rash in it, just not selectable, but at the same time has the COMPLETE moveset!? Just wow.


Hey there, may I use your video for a quick video that I will make? (A comparison video, btw).

You can use mine if needed…just follow the link to my X Drive in the original post

I don’t see why not.

I just got Rash again in Trials but this time it sent me to a regular match but in the DOJO stage.
You cant select DOJO stage as a normal match. This was a normal match, 99 seconds on the timer… no practice options…
So I guess that means we will be able to select DOJO as a VS stage or its just a glitch in the Trials.

anyway… kind of fun to be able to do different stuff!

I guess the real challenge right now would be to some how random select and be able to control RASH!

Couldn’t you get him, then just set the cpu to “record” to use him?

I’m not sure! I’ve never used that Technic so I guess I’ll have to try tonight when i get home. Thanks!
I did think about it…but didn’t try it

Wait. What if,you can access Shago like that. DUNDUNDUN


I know,that’s what i was saying earlier in this thread… wouldn’t that be the sheet???

I tried more shots at it earlier but I just bought Tony Hawk 5 and Im on that for a minute. Im gonna try again later

I have a better question…



Throwing this here for fun… :wink:

(Credits to @xCrimsonLegendx for the Rash Ultra footage)


I am already loving Rash, his Ultra made it so much better too. Plus, he has a recapture so three full Ultras! I was going to try this, but I’ve been sick lately so I haven’t really felt like playing. I hope it’s still there by the time I get around to it.

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