Rash's theme is pretty great

Don’t actually have a link to it so here’s this as a place holder.

But yes. Discuss the theme!

Edit: Theme added courtesy of @DoobyDude23


That’s so amazing

This one doesn’t have all the effects, just the music. I could keep listening to it on loop. I want the full version NOW!

EDIT:-Theme added to OP.

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Of course it’s awesome! It’s from frickin’ Battletoads! The pause music alone is worth it! :smiley:

The theme is awesome! But I was refering to the imperial march frog


Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. Rash likes nintendo.

yea that was pretty neat. I watched the video without doing the button pressing and I was thinking “WTF Fwufi? This isn’t the Imperial March!!”. Got it the 2nd time around though :stuck_out_tongue:

ha ha that was fun!