Rash's taunt loopable?

I thought Rash’s taunt was suppose to be loopable? If it is how do u do it?

When you taunt, repeatedly push the Taunt button while holding down.


Thanks it worked

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I think that loopable taunt helped me get back into this match and win lol “the power of the taunt”

the taunt has brought be back from almost unwinnable scenarios. I’ve never been one to taunt in fighting games but I make an exception with Rash.

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Wasn’t there supposed to be two versions of it ? Like a slow one and then a fast one . How do u do the second one ??

Second Fast Taunt is done by Repeatedly pressing Taunt, while holding Left or Right.

You are a champ for not rage quitting after that awesome-tastic beat… damn down you received in the first go… Jesus.