Rash's punch and kick autos are the same animation?

Is this intended? Makes it way easier to break his combos and hope it gets changed

Easier to break also means easier to counter break.

I don’t know why they went that way but I don’t see that as a problem.

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Yeah I thought it was just beta rash and that final rash would have six animations but I guess not. Not too bothered by it though, his manuals are easy and his juggle combo options are pretty solid on top of great damage output so I guess they did that to make up for those.

This is the same with Arbiter too. Not sure why.

I tweeted Keits about this and he said that if they can’t get any good looking auto doubles out of the animations they have sometimes they will combine punches and kicks. They did the same for TJ and Arbiter.

I really wish this wasn’t the case.

The idea of making new animations must be beyond them. Having a bigger variety of autodoubles to confuse your opponent mid combo is pretty huge. I would have believed keits too if he said it was for balance sake considering TJ has autobarage and arbiters manual game is is better than most since he can manual mediums from light mercy’s demise linker (could be a bug cos his other linker follows the normal rules) and can manual his target combos.

These were his tweets to me

@hellotherekyle TJ has 3. If we can’t get a full set looking great we will combine punches and kicks. Functionally the same anyway”

@hellotherekyle fighting games are full of character specific advantages and disadvantages. this is no different.”

I agree with him, I just don’t know the characters well enough to say whether the disadvantage of having 3 doubles instead of 6 outweighs rash’s other advantages. Though I do agree about easier counter breaker baiting.

I think Rash is difficult enough to get your hands on as it is without him being harder to break. The stuff I’ve been up against with Rash has been overwhelming at times, so I for one am glad he has limited animations.

Wait what? They don’t have good animations? Rash has pretty darn unique standing and crouching normals for all of his punches and kicks. Heck if you manual his standing hp or auto combo lights they look like entirely separate autodoubles. And if that’s the excuse then why does Maya reuse animations for her doubles? If any character didn’t have good double animations it’s her.