Rash's meaty wrecking ball Pros and Cons

Iv been abusing this online and its been working 90% of the time. I just wanted to show its beatable and people should just block and anti air.


My Aganos just blocks and b+LP with his anti-air finger-flick; it works like a charm. :wink:

If I have shadow meter, I’ll just block into shadow natural disaster for a full-combo punish. :stuck_out_tongue:

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yea every one can block and punish but for some reason online no one likes to block.

Edit: really difficult for some tho

Blocking and punishing wrecking ball is a good idea in general, but I found that it requires a lot of really specific knowledge.

First of all, odds are you can’t just anti-air it with jab (like you can Cinder’s up-forward trailblazer if you block it). Rash is vulnerable here, but not for very long, especially if he hits the wrecking ball from a distance on its later active frames. I wanted to do more testing on this to verify that it wasn’t just bad timing on my part, maybe calculate exactly how many frames Rash is vulnerable for before he can attack out of the air. I’m willing to bet it’s often less than 5 frames (ie, startup of jab).

Basically, you need to turn yourself invincible or high-crush (or low profile) to beat Rash wrecking ball after block. This means Jago (for example) never has a problem with this move; it’s a straight-forward block and punish, and wrecking ball is a lot slower than, say, Cinder trailblazer so it’s considerably easier to punish every time in matches. But I think some characters really get eaten up by this move. Arbiter for one seems to have almost no answer to it if you block it (without meter), for instance. I was going to say Aganos as well, but I haven’t tested it and Geek above posted that flick works, so I dunno, maybe I’ll have to experiment with exactly how much frame advantage Rash has here.

If you have a meterless high crush or invincible move, you’re in business. If you don’t, I think times are pretty tough.


mid screen is even harder if you block the ball and rash crosses up. I would assume you would have to auto correct for example jagos dp but idk for sure

I think the move is pretty silly, really. Especially considering Rash is built around really solid ground normals and super high mobility with zipline.

You can get pretty far against characters without meterless DPs just by doing wrecking ball over and over, without any concern for spacing.

One option to beat it in neutral (ie, not as a meaty situation as you show above) is to try and intercept it with a heavy attack to beat its armor. This is… just really hard, though, I think, considering Rash’s other mobility options. Missing with a heavy attack is super painful against him.

I don’t know, I want to do more testing on it to see if I’m just missing something or not. My initial impression is that this move is way too difficult to punish, though (without a DP).

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I agree the fact that the different strength of the move give him a different ark which makes it even harder to punish IMO

I don’t want to complain too much until I do more testing. I’ll report what I find in here. Maybe I’ll have time to do it tonight, we’ll see.

If it’s as strong in the game as it is in my head, though, it seems like super overkill for him. I don’t need to kill him for blocking a wrecking ball, but I think I should be able to jab him out of the air and force him to deal with oki. There should be some punishment for a full screen armored attack that can’t be jumped and, if I block it and do nothing, leaves Rash with the same frame advantage of a jump attack.

Yea who knows if it will be as good as it seems in the long run

A lot of the time I can actually intercept Rash before he even starts the wrecking ball (hitting him during the start-up frames) with my Aganos’ natural disaster jump. :slight_smile:

This meaty send viable with intermediate level players. However, in option selects this move only really beats quick rise attempts. The amount of unsafe that this move is (unless you use light standing wrecking ball) doesn’t warrant the player using it often. I think is chances increases in the corner like in the video because it builds pressure.

I’ve found block-then-flick will work but not always. It depends on the height of the wrecking ball and if Rash does a followup attack or not. If flick isn’t consistent, I’ll block and look for a shadow counter opportunity. If possible, though, I prefer to just jab him out of it when he starts the wrecking ball. I have not labbed it up yet. I will soon.

So yeah, from my testing, it looks like Rash gets to act between 6 and 7 frames before his opponent after a “well spaced” (ie, mostly always) MK wrecking ball. This means jump MK gets to act before any attack, and will pretty much beat all standing normals.

As expected, if you have an invincible move, you can use it for free here. In order to stuff it without an invincible DP, you will have to low-profile the jump attack. I was mostly worried about characters without invincible attacks, like Arbiter, Aganos, and Kan-Ra (two of them have super large hitboxes too). Oddly enough, it looks like Arbiter can always use the super slow cr.HP here… it has a bit of low profile, enough to get under Rash jump MK and hit Rash (except in the corner, where they both whiff and Arbiter probably gets hit). Kan-Ra can use cr.HK sand seemingly without fail and always win here.

Aganos looks plain out of luck, though. Shadow ND always works, but if you don’t have meter you don’t have any attack that low profiles, and AA flick gets stuffed (sometimes if Rash does a poorly spaced wrecking ball, you can get flick out). But if you ever block MK wrecking ball, he can literally do MK wrecking ball, jump MK, cr.MK (or cr.LK) xx MK wrecking ball over and over and Aganos has no way out. If there’s a way, I don’t know it, anyway. Of course, Rash can stop at any time and throw, or do zipline throw baits. If I was a Rash vs Aganos, I would do this over and over (stripping chunks at first) until Aganos died. In order to stop this, he has to block it out until he gets meter, or spend a chunk and then trip guard into a combo. If you’re extra ballsy, you can try to challenge the grounded button after Rash lands with st.LK and hope he is a little sloppy with his inputs; this might be half-okay some of the time. But if the Aganos isn’t super on point, I think this is really, really hard to stop.

So basically, this tech is really, really good against chunkless Aganos, and not super great against most characters BUT you need to know your character’s specific escape. It has to be a crouching (not standing!) normal that low-profiles OR has to be a high crush/invincible special move.