Rashakuken tech/application/theory/discussion

So over the course of playing Omen, i noticed that his rashakukens act almost on a whole other plane of existence. and despite my best efforts of researching their properties i haven’t figured enough out to really understand it.

The Fireballs themselves are decided by random 1/11 independent of the previous outcome. each has a set pattern, BUT you can actually control how it moves in that pattern through the use of screen freezes.
unlike other projectiles, omens continue their path through all screen freezes.
(ex. If you Instinct cancel a Crawler as soon as it starts it will have already traveled 3/4 of the screen if not more by the time the short instinct activation animation is over and the characters can move again.)
The following is what i have found how the 11 fireballs generally behave:
Accelerator: will run its lifespan and disappear early
Anti-Air: will run its lifespan and disappear early.
Boomerang: continues its original route
Bullet: N/A
Crawler: (described above) continues its original route
Decelerator: will run its lifespan and disappear early
Dud: N/A
Looper: dependent on time, doing a freeze during a downward spiral will crash it into the ground, good if you want to clear the screen. You can also change the angle upward.
Tracker: moves like every other projectile ie endokuken
Wave: mostly crashes into the ground
Wiggler: changes its wiggle width, and becomes fixed on a new point that isnt omens original position, seems random. Still moves accordingly to omens movements.

And one of the best/worst parts is both players have control at the cost of either instinct or shadow meter. the skies too cluttered, clear them with a safe shadow. want to whiff punish full screen, teleport a crawler over to them.
But some things still remain.
why are some on a time limit? Whats up with the wiggler? why program them this way? Will this information ever be useful? ( it almost was during a ft5 with the Hero himself) idk im tired, maybe someone else can find use for this ‘mostly’ pointless tech. was also hoping for some insight from @TheKeits If anything was intended or if its just another interesting coincidence.

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Good insight into a underutilized character…I’ve decided to use this character about 4 days ago…He’s awesome his setup game is nice and his corner mix-up is deadly. I look forward to learning more. keep the info coming. I noticed he can Kara cancel his fireballs like jago.

How many Rashakukens can you do in the stopped time? :joy:

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One extra to keep the pressure