Rash vs Kan Ra

Been playing a ton of Rash lately and the more I play him the more I love him. Played a great set of 13 or so matches against a level 50 Kan Ra and noticed Rash is like the perfect counter pick for Kan Ra. He eats the bugs and can get across the screen so fast that you can almost always rush him down. Never seemed to one sided but just felt like Rash was made to counter Kan Ra imo. Thoughts?

Beta version. Please waiting buffs.

Rash seems basic without the rest of the KI tools at his disposal but that Tongue is super-powerful.

One of the greatest assets to the tool, IMO, is how you can grab a bit of Shadow Meter off of a Shadow Projectile and with enough distance, still block, and sometimes even move out of the way to take no chip damage.
You can fill your SM in many cases for a Shadow Counter after the onslaught.

Closely behind, the way you can Tongue into, away from or over an enemy after a combo. Being able to mix up their wake-up options so reliably can be daunting and frustrating (mind draining tools).

Lastly of major mention… The Tongue embodies Bruce Lee’s Intercepting Fist. Sooo many moves can be stuffed by the Tongue, especially by the best Yomi or on-reaction players.
Go ahead try it. Give a few rounds of Rash where every time you use the Tongue you “WAPOW” into the mic. You’ll feel good about it.

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