Rash Sticky Tongue

I was wondering if it’s a bug or on purpose but I always tought that rash tongue was -5. But when getting cornered by rash he can somehow makes his tongue move + on block or 0.

You can try it in training mode just do down forward tongue in the corner then light kick follow up.

You cannot contest it with jabs he will beat you.

Have any of you noticed this ?

Yeah hes plus from certain heights and angles, i think it has to do with the height he recovers at. Whether it’s a bug or not idk, but it’s been there since launch so i guess ig is ok with it.

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I’m still waiting for the Ultimate Nerf that turns this Frog into a Toad. :stuck_out_tongue:


Like any aerial move, when he performs it in the air, the height at which he connects will affect his overall (dis)advantage. Remember too that the aerial version allows him to press a button immediately after, though at some heights some buttons will not have time to animate.

(IIRC) Grounded tongue is always -3. It’s not punishable, but it IS your turn.

**Tested in lab, had wife (as Fulgore) standblock>mash jab vs. my df.3P>mash LK string, and I got counterhit every time. If you are getting beat out you are pressing your button too late. The blockstun is relatively short though, so you’ve gotta be quick to the button in order to take your turn back.


^ this

That’s the explanation =)

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Maybe I explained myself wrong but you can’t I’ll make a vid for you. Rash can do air lk before your jabs.

Yeah I’ll have to see a vid. Unless you’re talking about (air)df.3P, in which case see above.

The worst is when 2 Rash tongues touch each other. Game should crash when that happens.