Rash sticky tongue frame data?

I wish info was provided about it, like frames on hit, on block, properties, frames where you can succesfully chain another sticky tongue… I can’t seem to find anything on the training data. Thanks.

Yeah I can’t properly punish the sticky tongue on block into med kick. I think you can press a button after the tongue hits

Grounded Tongue is -3 on block. Air Tongue is a little weird in that it allows a button afterward, but should still be minus. Neither is strictly punishable, but you can take your turn back.

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That sounds about right.

Generally speaking if you’re holding back you’re safe from tongue at about every range, just test it out with Rash at about mid screen or from midscreen in air and see which button works to punish it right. It’s easier for some characters than others but it’s usually possible.

Generally the tongue is at it’s most dangerous when you are airborne and caught by the tongue, because I can easily juggle you after it, or if im mid air at close to mid range where I can full combo after tongue.

Getting hit by a grounded tongue is a pretty easy punish and almost always a mistake unless there are very specific circumstances involved.

Also I’m rarely going to bother trying to hit you with tongue even midair as it’s often easier to cross you up when you’re looking for it.