Rash stage ultra ideas (including Zits and Pìmple)

I’ve been thinking how a stage ultra on Rash/ Battletoad stage should work. I came out with the idea of using the 2 other battletoads for that stage ultra. Both Pimple and Zitz stay at the background of the stage doing their stuff and when you do the stage ultra, Zits uses the warp device at his arm and drop just like rash drop from the portal at his intro but this time without a rope. Zits drops from the warp portal, throw the beaten character with a hard kick in direction of Pimple. And Pimple finish with a hard punch who throws the foe and make it smash his face on the screen. Just like the old ultimates of Sabrewulf and TJ Combo. Man, i miss this kind of finisher. If there’s a stage ultra at the battletoad stage pls, do something crazy like this. This would be called team work or good travel stage ultra.

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Agreed! THIS is the better way to make Zits and Pimple appear in KI!
Plus we will have that “Weird” Classic Ultimate! (It was weird that type of Ultimate .__.)