Rash stage switch proposal

Currently, Rash’s default stage is the same as Kan-Ra’s.
While some would find it appropriate due to the portal in the room, I still think Cinder’s stage would fit him better, as it emulates the Battletoads vibe much better (the lava recalls Ragnarok Canyon, the machinery and flying drones in the background resemble the more industrial/hi-tech levels). It even fits his theme song better.
Also, Kan-Ra’s stage is currently the most overused stage in the game’s Survival mode, being shared by 3 characters.
What do you think?

EDIT: Apparently Cinder’s stage as his default background was indeed considered at some point - it serves as his background in the official site’s Characters section (https://www.ultra-combo.com/characters/rash/)… Why the change?


I actually wonder how hard is it to change a characters default stage?

I know they’ve done it before. There was a brief period where Mira was defaulted to Jago’s stage (not the Shadow version either, the one in broad daylight) using his theme. Later it was fixed so she was on Sabrewulf’s stage and her theme. It’s apparently very doable.

Kan-Ra’s stage is pretty crowded at the moment. Move Rash to Cinder’s and Eyedol to the Astral Plane and it would be wonderful.


I’m actually OK with Eyedol being on Ra’s stage, as it makes sense storywise. His theme song also goes well with it.
Having said that, I also perfectly accept him being moved to the Astral Plane for the exact same reasons.

Maybe I am just a derp but I think it would be cool if Rash’s stage was set to “random select” so we fought him at different stages all of the time and his theme was the only thing that was consistent. The reason I say this is because in his intro in the beginning of the fight he comes through his own portal (which his trailer hints was created by the scientist/doctor guy for him to take on some new challenges) so his stage can literally be anything. I see no reason to lock him into just one. Gargos could do the same, though he has his own stage so there is no point lol


I like this idea, seems fitting. Rash uses a portal to enter in the stage, so he could be anywhere

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Lol exactly, you pretty much summed up exactly what I was trying to say. I just had a cup of coffee so im coursing with caffeine and kind of rambling a bit :sweat_smile:

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I like that option too. Makes sense.

I’d say he should be put on The Pinnacle because the BattleToads Backstory was about three nerds creating a game (BattleToads) and they got sucked in their own game by their computers. The Pinnacle is the most technological stage in the game and I think it’d fit his Backstory.