RASH shadow boot FRAME changes

Hi @developers this seems to be a change that the team needed, over rash on this patch 3.8


Shadow Big Bad Boot now has 6 frames of startup time (was 3 frames) (This move was simply too fast for its size. This change makes it so that most of the cast can now safe-jump Rash with a proper setup)

but seems like it dont work cause we are always frozen in the first frame when he begin this moves , so even when we jump nothing happen we cannot escape it we only see stay immobilised by the first frame then see him take his time to make this move, can the team check on it please, so it could be corrected in the same time than eagle disconnections problems.

Wo else noticed that too with rash ???

i will report it in the bug thread also

Safe jump doesn’t mean you can jump away to safety on reaction. It’s when you time a jumping attack to give you enough time to land and block if he does it.


i got you bro but that move is too fast for the amount of raw damage that it deal + these crazy hitboxe total non sense IMo need to be corrected.

If I may offer a word of advice @G0tei13Izaragi

If you want to start a thread for any specific character, post it in that character’s subforum rather than in general discussion. You’ve made a lot of posts in the wrong places lately and it’s caused quite a bit of clutter.

It’s good to see that you’re enthusiastic about posting your opinions and getting discussion going, but try and do so in a way that’s a little more organized than dumping it all in General Discussion :sweat_smile:

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true imam try to change all these post locations , need some help :sweat_smile:
ok its done and thank you for the advise @Fwufikins

now I want yo advise on that shadow super crazy boot " and don’t forget that we are apparently in a periode where every character a lil bit crazy are getting some correction for not been annoying for others characters.
So im sure that this boot hitbox range, damage and rapidity of excecution is not strange to you.

You seem to have misinterpreted the meaning of the change.

Rash’s Shadow Boot takes six frames to activate and when a shadow move happens, the screen freezes temporarily before the active frames run their course. If you’re pressing a button or jumping at that time, you’re going to get hit.

Also, see this page for a proper definition of the term “safe jump.” Scroll down until you find the term.


exactly bro, to me it was a nice nerf so peoples don’t stay blocked in the animation. but I will follow your link when im at home .
And thank you for this clear definition of safe jump :wink: