Rash related Tumblr audio posts

Just something I wanted to share for you guys. Check out the links below. :sunglasses:

These were done and posted by Sean Chiplock (Rash’s VA) on his Tumblr page. They’re both quite hilarious to hear. Hope you enjoy listening.


Uh…I like the 1st one…but I don’t want any more “Rash” type characters…but good job?

I like him as Rash. If they end up releasing a new battletoads I would be all for him being in it.

Actually, I hadn’t thought about this before. The Battletoads of course don’t speak in either of their previous games, except through text. So, KI could have had a mute Rash and people probably wouldn’t have given it a whole lot of thought. Seems wasteful to hire a voice actor just to give a few lines to a guest character in KI…

New Battletoads confirmed!

or maybe I’m just reading too much into it.

Battletoads were a guest in this and Shovel Knight recently. So maybe a reboot is in the works.

Lol these are pretty funny.

Really neat and amusing finds you got there man :laughing: