Rash pressure on wakeup

Hello all, new poster here although been playing since Day 1,
I’ve recently picked up Rash and doing ok with them plus having a lot of fun although he does seem to cause more salt than my other mains.

Anyway, to the top Rash players what options do you use after a hard knockdown. I feel like I want to keep up the pressure usually with a standing HK but don’t get a lot out of it. What other options have a good success rate and is piling on the pressure on wakeup a good way to play with him?

I’m by no means an expert Rash player, but I’ve fought plenty of good ones, and if there’s 1 thing I’ve felt fighting against them, it’s the pressure. His tongue is amazing for getting quickly and applying it to the extreme. Keep in mind, though, that it’s also his best mobile tool - on a hard knockdown, it’s great for mixups, since you can use it to change your approach to your opponent - for example, using it to crossup, or come down from directly above, or to land just short to fake out the opposition. And that’s not even including how you can use it for juggling opportunities… It’s a very versatile tool! If you’re not already using it, I highly recommend it.

Have you looked up some pro Rash players online via Twitch or YouTube yet? Good stuff there if you know where to look! :wink:

Thanks GG. I’m not sure who to watch. I’ve seen a tiny bit of fightrashfight and aphex. There’s a thread on a high level player here and I didn’t think that guy was good. Maybe old video?
I fought a good rash yesterday and am stealing jump in, down tongue, mk. Also sweep at range seems good. I tend to put opponent in corner a lot so feel like I should be getting more out of that.

So GG, we ran into each other in Exhibition. What did you think of my Rash? I’ve tried to converse with good players about my game but not really getting anywhere.

Sadly, I fight a lot of people online, so I don’t really remember you or your Rash well enough to tell you. That said, I’m down for a set again if you’d really like to know.

Also, @Infilament just updated his guide over at ki.infil.net with Rash, so you can check that out - I did it myself just this morning and learned a lot of things about Rash that I didn’t personally know, like how you can run cancel off of the boot and juggle with the medium and heavy versions (works especially well when in the corner). You might actually know more than I do regarding the Toad already, but I can definitely help you find your holes and/or weaknesses as well as help you try new setup ideas. :wink:

Just some more OTG thoughts (could be good or bad, so take them with a grain of salt):

  • s.boot (fully invincible w/massive hitbox)
  • standing b.HP (for the overhead)
  • n.jump into anything
  • crossup jump into whatever works
  • early wrecking ball (for armor)
  • any low
  • instinct (for bike to apply pressure/make things safer)
  • s.ram to avoid any projectile moves
  • chain combos (LP/LK repeatedly; for pressure-cancels into mid combo-mixups)

You’ve got lots of options on a hard knockdown. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the prompt on infil’s guide. I’ve been waiting for the update. We also played Tusk vs RAAM and had a short chat about how you now thought it was a favourable matchup for Tusk.
That’s a whole nother thread :slight_smile:

I do remember that conversation.