Rash Matchups

Bad matchups, does he have any?? Cause I sure haven’t found any yet. I wanna say Hisako gives me a little trouble but that might just be me not being used to not having a projectile normal to spam against her. Tongue kind of works but you have to be really close to combo off it. But other than that the rest of the cast seems pretty straight forward for Rash to handle.

I would like to know as well, I can’t stand Rash and I hate how people spam the wrecking ball and split kick follow-up. I think everything he does is too safe and it is really annoying to play against real scrubs that can beat you with him by mashing/spamming.

It’s bad enough they brought in guest characters, we have to deal with the idiocy online with them too.

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I feel Rash and Arbiter are OP because they do not have to respect ANY type of zoning or footsies. They both have huge, fast moves that either cause amazing mixup opportunities, or ARE mixups in themselves, And are either safe, or very close to it, And have extremely good priority / Special traits.

And on top of that, they both have very good long-distance tools (tools that arent really ZONING tools, but they punish you for being at long range). They both have instant anti-airs that can hit you from almost anywhere on the screen. And Arbiter’s Grenades make sure that if you try to zone him, he get about 4 guaranteed benefits. (im not listing them all, and the situations in which they are relavant. )

Riptor was supposed to be the premier “Rushdown” character, but i find her easier to fight than Rash or Arbiter. Even really good Riptors are not as aggravating to fight as Rash or Arbiter, because Riptor at least gives you some space, and you get some kind of advantage for managing to stay away from her. With Rash and Arbiter, you are constantly smothered, and if you DO manage to get them away from you, you get no rewards or advantage.

Ha ha, did you think MS would make a under powered Halo character? Halo is the Mario of MS! I do agree that they both should be toned down some. Just think how bad Arbiter would be with unlimited bullets.