Rash is Riptor's cousin?

In the world of Jurassic Park, dinosaur DNA was extracted from mosquitoes and the holes were filled with toad DNA. What if Ultra Tech captured Rash, took blood samples, and used it to create Riptor? You’re welcome






Nope…wouldn’t work. The reason is:

…wait for it…


Rash is human. Battletoads lore is they all 3 are just ordinary teenagers. They played a VR game where they were the Battletoads, and then one day they got sucked into the game world and became their froggy avatars. That also explains his limb morphing ability and the wireframe asthetic when he gets instinct…they’re from a video game…literally.

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I don’t think so. Lol I get the joke but nah. A genetically modified dinosaur made with synthetic genes related to a cartoon frog from another dimension? Hows that’s possible.

If anything she’s more like a cousin to Fulgore because they’re from the same dimension and share some of the tech.

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I’ve never really believed that story. I think it’s among the laziest story telling for a video game, and in later Battletoads games, I do believe they gave them a more worthy backstory to them actually being Toads.

To be quite honest, none of the games in the past actually ever dove into a very defined backstory for the characters or game universe. Most of that story of them being human is probably based off a bad instruction manual writing with them having a bad case of writer’s block and making something simple for the sake of it being included. Given from in game screenshots of character bios as well, there are conflicting reports of Rash’s, or really the entire group’s, origin story.

Personally, I believe the take on them being Toad’s from the start of the series more than the theory the were ever human.

Also, the thought of completing the Riptor genetic sequence with anthropomorphic DNA doesn’t sound too awful bad a stretch to me.

Edit: I’ve been informed that the story of them being humans was actually something from the cartoon, not the video game. So according to the games, they were always toads, which is something I’m going by.

It’s mostly from a comic published in Nintendo Power. It was written by Rare employee Guy Miller, so I’d say it’s as canonical as the KI novellas. On top of that, the bad guy from Battlemaniacs, Silas Volkmire…was from the comic, so there’s that as well.

But I won’t argue the cartoon was a steaming pile of BS.